It’s the simplicity in music that makes it the most effective. When you’re dealing with rock, it needs to be raw and unfiltered. It needs to have some passion and a hook. When you start to add more to the equation, it strays away from its roots and no longer can be classified as just rock and roll.

Sink to See has done this once again. Their first album had the makings of something special, but it wasn’t until their latest, 2012, that the band came together to bring something solid to the music world.

Dony West, lead guitarist, had similar feelings about the new release: “We grew in the process of this record. 2012 is about the end of the world, and we took home that feeling and put it into music. This album is more introspective. We thought about the lyrics a lot more.”

The new songs offer insight to daily life and mimic the band’s own will to get through to the masses on their own terms. Focusing on their online presence and ways to actually interact with their fans is a big part of what has garnered the growing buzz around this act.

Bassist Shawn Bathe put the online campaign into focus: “You reach listeners on a first person basis now, that’s very valuable. We exist virtually 24/7 when, in actuality, we are only interacting ‘live’ a small portion of time.”

West adds, “Online presence is the face of your band these days, you don’t have to tour Russia to reach your fans.”

Not only is this band using the Internet in more ways than conventionally thought, they are also being heard in commercials for Nissan and TV shows on networks like Bravo.

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