These are just two of 15 live Stray Cats CDs recently released by Surf Dog – one per city from their reunion tour in Europe. Each disc captures the show as it happened without any editing or tinkering. That means there are a few awkward moments, like the extended pause in the music after “Ubangi Stomp” on the Amsterdam disc. Finally, singer Brian Setzer says, “She wanted a picture,” so you know that the trio were busy making some Dutch kitty purr.

Both discs carry the hits “Stray Cat Strut,” “Runaway Boys,” “Rock This Town” and “Sexy + 17” but performed at different places in the sets. Each disc also has a version of “Gene & Eddie,” the Cats’ tribute to early rockabilly stars Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran.

The Amsterdam disc has Setzer, bassist Lee Rocker and drummer Slim Jim Phantom covering “Hound Dog,” “My Baby Left Me” and the instrumental “Sleepwalk,” while the Turku (that’s in Finland) concert offers “Fishnet Stockings,” “Mystery Train” and “That’s All Right.” These shows are hot and loose and the Stray Cats prove they still have every right to strut right by with their tails in the air.

Grade: B (both)

Live from Europe: Turku July 10, 2004 and Live from Europe: Amsterdam July 14, 2004 are currently available.