When Air are really good, they make me feel like I’m in Paris in the late ’70s – quite a feat, considering I never went to Paris until 1988. The wistful mix of analog synths (or their simulations), comfy bass lines and the romantic ambience these two Frenchmen evoke from their machines just speaks joie de vivre. Again, that’s Air at their best, such as what you hear on 1997’s Premiers Symptômes and 1998’s Moon Safari.

Love 2 has several elements of this goodness but is somewhat uneven. Air still achieves depth from many layered instruments, and it is much better than 2007’s overly somber Pocket Symphony. They create moments of great music, particularly on the Fela Kuti inflections of “Night Hunter” and the smooth love song “You Can Tell It to Everybody,” which are the strongest tracks.

Who knows? Maybe it will grow on me, but until then I’ll daydream about mopeds and Montmartre.

Grade: B

Love 2 is currently available.