Seriously, how did I miss Audra Mae until now? Oh, yes, right, until recently, she’s been hiding out in Oklahoma and Tennessee, trying to follow a “normal” life path, instead of nurturing her musical talents.

Haunt is Mae’s first release, but this EP has already got me hooked. With a sound reminiscent of the Shins (if they were fronted by Lavender Diamond with songs written by Johnny Cash), Mae has the voice of an indie folk rock angel, and her sleepy music is the perfect compliment to her storytelling. On tracks like “Eli the Barrow Boy” I fully expect to turn around to see a poor drowned boy by a river, or find myself in the fields of Oklahoma after finishing “One Silver Dollar.”

Mae may have a sound that borders more on the country-western side of the music spectrum, but her album is well named: All of her songs are hauntingly beautiful. You’ll be stuck with them for days.

Grade: A

Haunt is currently available.