Vancouver-based indie pop rockers Parlour Steps return with their second album, The Hidden Names. It offers a wide variety of pop tunes featuring Caleb Stull’s soft voice in contrast with varied instrumentation, striking female backup vocals and pretty much everything else on the album.

Considering how understated Caleb’s vocals are, it is a truly bold choice to pair it with rock drums, electric guitar, driving pianos, trumpet, trombone and tenor sax. The result is an album filled with instantly catchy tunes that manage to be both toe-tapping pop that you may find yourself dancing to and also somehow calming and peaceful.

Opening song “As The World Turned Out” offers soft vocals against pounding drums, but then transitions into the soft high-hats and more robust vocals of “Little Voices.” Whatever the mix is, the result is always an infectious tune that is both uplifting and wistful, in tone and lyrics.

Grade: B

The Hidden Names is currently available.