Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, otherwise known as the Yes Men, have been punking the crap out of corporate business for years. Their first documentary, The Yes Men, showed them plotting high profile hoaxes at the expense of the World Trade Organization and forced audiences to reflect heavily upon the stupidity and depravity lurking within the international business structure.

Now the Yes Men are back with a sequel to their documentary. It’s called The Yes Men Fix the World (They score Brownie points for their hubris.).

This time around, Bonanno and Bichlbaum infiltrate a conference, and as mostly oblivious attendees look on, the guys take these captains of industry through a horrible presentation that promotes a complete lack of humanity and ethics in favor of big business. What’s even more shocking is that many of the execs within the room seem to like their way of thinking. But the great moment in The Yes Men Fix the World would have to be the world-class stunt pulled on the Dow Chemical Company.

Years ago, a horrible accident in Bhopal (that many feel was the fault of the monolith corporation) rocked the tiny Indian town, resulting in a number of fatalities. Much to the anger and disgust of humanitarian groups and concerned citizens everywhere, Dow has never fully assumed responsibility for the incident.

The Yes Men pose as representatives from Dow, set up interviews with the BBC and offer up what seems to be a legitimate apology and admission of guilt for the tragedy. News spreads and the world rejoices – until it’s discovered that the apology is a hoax.

The Yes Men Fix the World is a hilarious documentary that any socially conscious person should see. It drives home much of the greed and carelessness that corporate America has for the rest of us, while poking fun at those policymakers in the process.

Bonanno and Bichlbaum are the Sacha Baron Cohens of ethics and whistleblowing. Their pranks are the stuff of legend. It’s always shocking to see how much they’re actually able to get away with.

In what’s perhaps one of the most outrageous film moments this year, the Yes Men sit down with a number of economists and capitalists and listen as they espouse the virtues of the “American Way” while silly and oftentimes embarrassing subject matter is projected on the green screen behind them (without their knowledge).

The sequel to their 2003 effort is not as riveting as its predecessor, but it’s still a must see and guaranteed to make you laugh so hard, you’ll be asking, “Borat who?”

Grade: B

The Yes Men Fix the World releases in select theaters Nov. 6.