Donna Jo Thorndale’s “All Cake, No File” is a play/live-recording/concert starring Thorndale’s right wing alter ego, celebrity chef and home economist, Jewell Rae Jeffers, as host of “Tastes Like Home,” a Johnny Cash tribute show for “guests” of California state prisons. The play is part of The Actors’ Gang’s WTF?! Festival.

The play, for the most part, is like the live recording of a dysfunctional cooking show. Rae Jeffers welcomes audience participation, which allows Thorndale’s performance to shine, particularly because of her quick humor and naughty asides. The play does not stop experimenting there, however. With a Bible and a Gun and special guests, like the Broken Numbers Band, play amazing sets; their music is enough to make a person forget good theater etiquette.

“All Cake, No File” invokes the audience to connect via food, laughter and music, thus ushering in the play’s greater theme: helping the less fortunate any way you can, or as Rae Jeffers would have it, baking for prisoners all over California. The play comforts its audience with markers of mainstream culture but laces its scenes with messages of social justice. “All Cake, No File” leaves you with a sense of shock and responsibility. Rae Jeffers’ solution is still a simple one: Everyone can do something.