On his fourth long-player, Warm Brother, Shawn Foree, a.k.a. the one-man-electro-band Digital Leather, creates desolate and foreboding industrial dance music you can try to leap and jump to, although you may not like the warped results. Foree melds Suicide’s agitated analog synth conceptions, Gary Numan’s metallic sheath and the post-punk, pre-electronica of patriarchs such as Cabaret Voltaire and early OMD.

There’s a torrid tenseness to the 12 tracks that conveys Foree’s low- or no-rent life of squats, hovels, drug dens and abandoned abodes. But from bad times comes hope and perspective: the textured and glitchy “Bugs on Glue” unwinds with thoughts of courage and adhering affection. Old-school synth and drum machine loops provide a skewed but catchy melodic riff to contemporary relationship tale “Modern Castles.” And unexpected bluesy guitar furnishes an organic deliberation to tongue-in-cheek “My Fame.”

Grade: B

Warm Brother is currently available.