Rivers Cuomo, what have you done? I am … confused. By now, we’ve all heard “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To,” and almost everyone seems to agree that it’s only vaguely similar to what we’ve come to accept Weezer sounds like. I mean, it’s got all the signature guitar sounds and the angst, but somehow this just isn’t “Weezer.” And that’s kind of how it goes with Raditude.

There are a few songs, like “I’m Your Daddy” that sound like a natural progression for the band … until you get down to the lyrics (“You are my baby tonight/And I’m your daddy”), and I just can’t figure out how I’m supposed to take this. I get that you’ve been meeting all sorts of awesome musicians with different sounds, Rivers, but what’s with the Indian vocals on “Love Is the Answer?” And “Can’t Stop Partying” (featuring Lil Wayne)?! When did you become Bowling for Soup? Even “Put Me Back Together” sounds somehow more like Anberlin than Weezer.

If you’re trying to avoid making an album that would turn Weezer (in the immortal words of Chuck Klosterman) into “a three-piece hobocore band,” well, then my friend you’ve succeeded. But I’m still confused.

Grade: B-

Raditude is currently available.