How many of you readers out there watch “Food Network Challenge?” Some of the cake decorating bits could probably be done with nothing more than a little imagination, but then there’s the chocolate and sugar work. Now, that stuff’s hard.

But for anyone who has wanted to copy the pros and make their own chocolate treats, there’s Chocolate Bliss, a chocolate cookbook from Happy Chocolates founder and chocolatier, Susie Norris. It may look small, but the book is packed with chocolate recipes that range from the deceptively easy (chocolate fondue) to the complex (chocolate chip custard tart), from the sweet (caramel bonbons) to the savory (chicken with mole negro sauce) and from the irresistible (chocolate mousse muffins) to the inedible-but-useful (salty chocolate body scrub).

Chocolate Bliss is a dangerous cookbook – it’s filled with full color pictures of delicious-looking treats – but it’s also so much more. It discusses ways to help sustain chocolate as a crop, provides a step-by-step guide for tempering chocolate and gives a comprehensive list of the major high quality chocolate manufacturers and their chocolates … all in language anyone can understand.

The best part of all? Norris provides scientific evidence that chocolate is actually good for you. Score.