Back in 2003, there was a band from Tucson who was well on its way to pushing indie music to the forefront. The Mean Reds were something of an anomaly, unable to be categorized, unpredictable and well worth seeing. Those of you who remember that band no doubt remember Anthony Anzalone, the energetic (to say the least) frontman.

Flash forward six years, Anzalone and his new band, Mikki and the Mauses, are another venture that continue to blur the lines between genius and craziness, as all great art should. The Problem with Male Sexuality is roughly 10 minutes of unabashed, rambunctious fun. I mean, when you can sing about being the world’s biggest trashcan, yet so sensitively croon about ruining young girls lives, short and direct is probably best.

What makes Male Sexuality so enjoyable is its ability to remain lighthearted amongst insane subject manner and keep you on your listening toes. You never know what’s coming next. Honestly, isn’t that one of the best things about music?

Grade: B

The Problem with Male Sexuality is currently available at iTunes.