Katastrophe (Rocco Kayiatos), a San Francisco based rapper and producer, has recently come out with his third full-length, The Worst Amazing. Mainly dealing with issues of transition between adolescence to adulthood, his emotional questioning on revolution, peace and hope are ambitious but a tad short of intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics.

His effort to rhyme for every stanza is evident, which makes the album a little too overworked. Ultimately, the album leaves the listeners confused of his overall message and purpose.

The album starts off well with a catchy beat on “Till Its Gone.” However, as Kayiatos starts rapping borderline comical lines like “You don’t know what you might miss, so I’ll go out and put it right like this,” the album turns sour. Additionally, the album is filled with unnecessary music – the flute and guitar are unremarkable, and the dubstep merely serves to distract. In his next offering, Kayiatos should work to create a tighter knit album.

Grade: C-

The Worst Amazing is currently available.