Andy Andrew’s The Noticer is the story of a man who encourages people to change their own lives by simply looking at the world a little differently. Through a series of deceptively easy, eerily pertinent suggestions, the man touches an entire town just by noticing what other people might miss in their own lives.

The premise is really as simple as the writing style, which feels clunky and amateur. Some of the advice given in the story shows evidence of real wisdom, but it isn’t enough to carry the narrative. The advice is presented in such a way that the book feels preachy, and much of the dialogue is unrealistic and, in many ways, obvious.

The real issue with the novel, though, is that it’s really misrepresented. It isn’t a novel at all – it’s a self-help book wrapped up with pretty narrative wrapping. And after reading it, the word “perspective” has no more meaning.

Grade: D

The Noticer is currently available.