What are you most looking forward to about the sequel?

“I am looking forward to seeing all the sexy men, half of whom will have their shirts off!” —Megan Lee Hartman, California State Polytechnic University Pomona

“I’m hoping for some major romance between Bella and Edward.” —Clarissa Anne Gomez, Modesto Junior College

“I’m looking forward to seeing the werewolves in this movie.” —Yvonne Rosales, Cal Poly Pomona

“I’m not looking forward to Bella being all depressed for most of the movie. It was annoying in the book.” —Amanda Castillo, Cal Poly Pomona

“I am looking forward to seeing how they work Edward into the first half of the movie and the introduction of the Vulturi.” —Hilary Barlesi, Cal Poly Pomona

“I am looking forward to seeing how close to the book they made the movie and all the special effects. I am not looking forward to waiting in line for hours.” —Amelia Dodson, Cal Poly Pomona

“I’m looking forward to everything! The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the parts they skipped that were written in the book.” —Natasha Rozhdestvensky

“I am looking forward to New Moon just to see if the actors can live up to the characters. I’m not looking forward to the hype.” —Charlette Gibbs

Are you a fan of the books?

“I am more of a fan of the book now that I have read it. It made me picture my own story even though I saw the movie over seven times. The book makes it so you can relate to the addiction that both Bella and Edward feel toward each other. I’m a fan of the characters more than the actors.” —Clarissa Anne Gomez

“Read the books, indifferent about the movies. I miss when Robert Pattinson was Cedric Diggory (love him!). I don’t really like him as Edward. I prefer the books because I cannot stand Kristen Stewart’s acting … or lack there of.” —Amanda Castillo

“Big fan of the books! Loved all the books. I could not put them down. The movie took a few times to watch it to get into it. Now I like it though.” —Hilary Barlesi

“I have only had time to read the first book but I really liked it. The actors I don’t care too much about.” —Yvonne Rosales, Cal Poly Pomona

“I am a fan of everything. I’m obsessed.” —Amelia Dodson

“Reading Twilight is comparable to playing ‘World of Warcraft’ for girls.” —Courtney Booth, San Jose State University

“At first I thought they could of picked a cuter, more mysterious Edward Cullen, and the special affects were kind of lame and they missed some important parts that were in the book. But after seeing the movie so much I just got used to it.” —Natasha Rozhdestvensky

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

“I’m Team Edward! We all know whose baby Bella bears in the end anyway! They’re MEANT to be together and nothing [is] going to stop them!” —Megan Lee Hartman

“I am Team Edward.” —Clarissa Anne Gomez

“TEAM EDWARD!!!” —Hilary Barlesi

“I’m Team Jacob.” —Yvonne Rosales

“Team Edward.” —Amelia Dodson

“Team Edward. I think the character is hot and I love vampires.” —Natasha Rozhdestvensky

“I do love the way Bella describes the way she feels about Edward.” —Charlette Gibbs