It’s difficult to find the humor in torture and dismemberment. Yet in Allison Moore’s “Slasher” the distant worlds of comedy and horror fuse seamlessly together for an enjoyable experience at the theatre.

Set in rural Texas, Marc Hunter is a faded horror director whose newest flick, the adequately titled Bloodbath, is an ill-fated attempt to regain the spotlight he never had. The production is DOA from the start when his “name actress” suddenly drops out. Marc scrambles to find her replacement and eventually settles on a sultry Hooters waitress named Sheena. Never mind the fact that she’s never acted.

Steffany Huckaby stands out as the buxom, but oblivious Sheena whose bumpkin accent (think George W. Bush with a bit of Steve Urkel thrown in) is spot on and believable.

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