Holiday decorations have been on sale since a month before Halloween, so it is time to talk about presents. Sure, you can just wait until Black Friday and hope that your will to snatch up deals is greater than the rush of humanity fighting you for it, but there are other options. If you really want to impress your friends and family, consider a more personalized approach.

While the joy of most electronic gadgets may be that they allow you to express yourself, the first thing that most people see – the device’s shell – tends to be bland and monotone. If you know someone who is married to their iPod or netbook, why not surprise them this holiday season with a skin for their beloved gadget that reminds them that they love other things, too? Perhaps you should consider either or

GelaSkins is a well-established manufacturer of these gadget skins. Their designs have always been based on artistic merit, but there is typically something for gadget lovers from all schools of art appreciation. The wide collection of art is original and eye-catching, ranging from simple to abstract and grotesque to gorgeous. You can even add a digital wallpaper to devices with a video screen, taking the artwork to another level.

By slapping on one of these sticker-like plastic adhesives, you make a proclamation to the world that your selected, frame-worthy piece of artwork best captures the person you are at the core of your being. Of course, if you end up changing who you are at the core of your being, they are also removable.

If music inspires the object of your gift-giving attentions, is a great place to get a sweet skin. Not only do they have skins taken from album covers and other images of big names from rock, rap, R&B, pop, country and reggae, they also have fashion, models and their own custom artwork. even has skins to help promote charitable organizations and an Obama section for anyone who wants to pay homage to our president.

Like GelaSkins, MusicSkins are amazingly easy to apply and can be removed without leaving a mark. If you are not sure about your gift-getter’s artistic tastes, MusicSkins may be the safer bet if only because you can browse by musician. Either way, they are both unique, personal gifts.

To take the process to the next level, both GelaSkins and MusicSkins now let you design your own skins. By using their (vastly different but both intuitive) layout programs, you can upload a photo to the site, set it up for print and have it delivered on the same form-fitting sticker format as the usual skins. This is a perfect couples gift, but make sure that the person you are giving the skin to actually wants to stick your face onto their electronics.

Of course, skins may just be too small for some. If you want to really kick the customized gift up to the next level, look no further than This site lets you create your own custom skateboard. Even if your grandmother doesn’t skate, don’t you think you owe it to her to build a custom board for her that has been decorated with your baby pictures?

Unlike the skins’ design program, BoardPusher’s design layout is a bit more complex. While you can easily just upload a single image and use the layout tools to place it like the skins, one of the cool features is the ability to arrange images on multiple layers. Done well, this creates a board with multiple expressive images splashed in a chaotic array that would make Ed Hardy jealous. More important, it gives those who can’t draw a straight line the ability to create a cool board design that actually looks really cool in the finished product.

The board is admittedly not as inexpensive as the skins, but it is not a bad price for a board. Be warned that the board does not automatically come with wheels. If you actually expect the intended recipient of your street surfing custom design to use the board, you can have it fitted with wheels and tape for a bit more. Of course, it works just as well as a cool art piece.

Whatever you choose, if you are going custom on any of these products the most important thing is time. With the holidays approaching, it is essential that you order soon, or else your awesome gift may have to be a Valentine’s present.