Bang a gong, get it on and welcome the return of crunchy guitar-oriented glam rock in the capable hands of a new lo-fi band from San Diego named Louis XIV. Here are four sex-obsessed guys who riff and swagger like the second coming of T.Rex, Ziggy-era Bowie and Gary Glitter, complete with hand claps, buzzy guitars and sludgy drums.

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept is non-PC from its front and back cover artwork featuring a naked woman with the album’s song titles written on her back to the infectious first single, "Finding Out True Love Is Blind," which is an equal opportunity offender not unlike the Rolling Stones’ "Some Girls."

On that ’78 Stones tune Mick Jagger griped about all the annoying habits/stereotypes of various ethnic women, but Louis XIV singer Jason Hill has no similar complaints. Without profanities, Hill runs through a list of all types of women he’d like to bed. Lines like "Chocolate girl, you’re looking like something I want/And your little Asian friend, she can come if she wants" will no doubt spark complaints, but rock could use a little controversy these days.

Grade: B

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The Best Little Secrets Are Kept is currently available.