Watching Röyksopp live is a full-on show – complete with costumes, masks and hit after hit of non-stop aural pleasure. Everyone at Club Nokia would agree that the Norwegian duo of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge with guest vocalists, Anneli Drecker and Robyn, put on an amazing show.

They started the night with “Röyksopp Forever” off their latest album, Junior. Afterwards, the tempo got fast and never let up as Drecker sang in different masquerade masks throughout the night (an owl on “What Else Is There?”). Berge wore a red motorcycle helmet with matching elbow pads on “The Girl and the Robot” to accompany Robyn. Like I said, it was a show!

The venue was perfect for Röyksopp’s intricate, electronic sounds and melodies. None of the detailed synth parts (just as memorable as their lyrics) were lost in the mix.

Röyksopp’s music is timeless. Their set was a mix of eight years worth of music, yet “Poor Leno” and “Remind Me” (2001) sounded natural mixed in with new tracks like “You Don’t Have a Clue.” This consistent evolution is the beauty of Röyksopp.

The band hadn’t played in Los Angeles since 2005, and the show was definitely worth the wait.