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Title Headline Issue Year
The craziest places I’ve been asked to tip: 2024
Humanity’s soundtrack: How music has influenced society and what it means to be human: 2024
After heavy storms, Death Valley is now open to kayakers: The return of ghostly Lake Manly: 2024
Addicted to swiping right? Lawsuit claims Tinder and Hinge are designed to get users hooked: 2024
A total solar eclipse will be visible to millions of Americans in April. Here's how to view it: 2024
Distress soars at small US colleges as enrollment declines: 2024
If you fantasize about becoming a morning person, here are 5 great ways to wake up your routine: 2021
What are the symptoms of omicron? Here's how they differ in vaccinated and unvaccinated patients: 2022
This summer's top decor trends: 2022
How to keep your home cool when it's hot outside: 2022
Useful tips: Relocating for college!!!: 2022
Heads up, shoppers. Everything from swimsuits to sofas is on sale: 2022
UC Berkeley will teach psychedelic guides how to facilitate ‘shrooms,’ hallucinogenic drugs: 2023
Light Up The Night: Tips For Incorporating Fireworks In Your College Party: 2023
Can you safely go on vacation amid coronavirus? We asked an expert: 2020
Lots of us adopted dogs in quarantine: ‘Dog Whisperer’ César Millán has some tips: 2020
Drive-in concerts have replaced summer music festivals in the COVID-19 era. Here’s what it’s like: 2020
College 2020: A day in the life of a socially distancing student: 2020
Having an owner who works from home is a ‘pet’s dream.’ But what happens when you go back to work?: 2020
Better than social distancing? In this game you take a virtual walk in Griffith Park: 2020
Hiking shape is different for each person — and dog: 2020
Style at Home: Change the way you see wood furniture: 2020
Online education was a mess in the spring. As COVID-19 prompts schools to stay virtual, will it get: 2020
If you’re not happy right now, that’s totally normal: 2020
Is Halloween canceled? Costumers, candy makers, theme parks face scary realities: 2020
‘I haven’t had a job since March 13’: How costume designers are coping with COVID-19: 2020
Turning 21 during the pandemic means dialing back expectations: 2020
COVID-19 vaccine myths debunked: 2020
Say good riddance to 2020: 6 ways to reboot & start a fresh year with better habits and better gear: 2020
The best advice I heard in 2020 that will help me get through 2021: 2021
5 little ways to stop being stressed and start being on time: 2017
Your smartphone may be ruining your relationships, studies find: 2017
Most college head chaplains are Christian. At USC, a Hindu leads the way: 2017
From LA to Tehran, nose jobs are a rite of passage and a quiet rebellion for many Persian women: 2017
The one thing no one realizes about happiness: 2017
7 easy steps to make small talk (when you’d rather be doing anything else): 2017
Easy tips for becoming a low-key minimalist: 2017
An LA high school poet finds her voice in an age of uncertainty: 2017
CNET: Best home video and TV gifts for Father’s Day 2017: 2017
The only 3 things that make us truly miserable: 2017
How I finally quit making excuses and got healthy habits to stick: 2017
5 totally doable time-management strategies to accomplish your goals: 2018
The one word holding you back from happiness: 2018
Eyecatchers: Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired clutch; probiotics for healthier skin; Okabashi shoes: 2018
WGN anchor told a Muslim blogger that she didn’t ‘sound like an American.’ Her response went viral.: 2018
6 easy ways you can become a genuinely better person: 2018
19 small actions that will put you in a better mood instantly: 2018
People are more honest on Tinder than you may think, study says: 2018
3 ways to stop wasting your talents: 2018
Use the 4 Ps to get what you really want in life: 2018
Sex has never been easier to find. Why aren’t young people having it?: 2018
Person to Person: How to find your voice of authority: 2019
Cryotherapy means standing naked in a chamber at -240 degrees. We gave it a try: 2019
Hard-drinking young adults suffer surge in deadly liver disease: 2019
Meghan Markle proved being a princess isn’t what it’s cracked up to be — especially if you’re black: 2020
Yes, they have monologues, but now vaginas also have their own candle — thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow: 2020
Want to live healthier for longer? Study indicates wealth is the key: 2020
'The Goop Lab’ treats fake science like the real thing. Here’s why that’s dangerous: 2020
7 ways to fall asleep fast (without the sheep or fairy dust): 2020
In a pandemic, tipping becomes a community love language: 2020
John Cumbers on how synthetic biology will change us: 2020
Veterinarians: Don’t be too Worried about your Pet Getting Coronavirus: 2020
Disconnection: Using LinkedIn as a dating site: 2015
Millennials still crushed by recession, could be for decades: experts: 2015
‘How to Raise an Adult’ author shares tips to avoid the parent traps: 2015
14 ways holiday family time can screw with your health (and how to deal): 2015
‘Plastic surgeon of fashion industry’ offers tips for holiday style: 2015
Brothers’ road trip calls for van, Spam, blogging: 2016
Man buns: Love them or loathe them, the trend’s going strong: 2016
Hot Property: Napa estate of the late Robin Williams sells in all-cash deal: 2016
7 ways to get through the day on little to no sleep: 2016
How Vans tapped Southern California skate culture and became a billion-dollar shoe brand: 2016
Male polish: More guys turn to salons to ‘manscape’ and pamper themselves: 2016
Why you need to pursue your dreams (even when others don’t approve): 2016
The No. 1 lie that’s stopping you from going for it: 2016
The 100 percent rule: The simple advice that changed my life: 2016
Why we screw things up when life is good: 2016
Trio of friends paddle from Alaska to Washington: 2016
How successful people think: 2016
Gifting 101: 2016
Lessons from a French cosmetics maker: Look pretty, but save the world, too: 2017
For many millennials, marriage can wait: 2017
7 ways to be calmer, more mature… and more productive: 2017
Transgender man tries to join sorority at Northwestern, pushes for change in Greek life: 2017
Resolution reset: 10 ways to get happier and healthier in 2017 (it isn’t too late): 2017
Reasons To Have a Cup of Tea: Why You Should Be Putting Down That Soda For Something a Little More Natural 22.1 2012
Where the girls aren’t: Female friendships often mistreated by books, films, TV 22.1 2012
Great Adventures in Nature — Without Leaving the Big City: 22.16 2012
iPod Touch Apps Help Workers with Autism: 22.16 2012
Senior Year Bucket List: The Top 10 Things You Must Do Before Graduation 22.16 2012
Botox for Pain Relief – Delusional or Miraculous?: 23.4 2013
Spring Break Dos and Don'ts for College Students: 23.4 2013
Have the Best L.A. #SundayFunday Ever: Museums, Brunch and more! 23.13 2013
How to Throw a Spook-tacular Halloween Party: Become the ghostess with the mostess! 23.19 2013
Beach Bag Checklist: Before you head out, make sure you're prepared! 24.5 2014
11 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Will Be Your New Best Friend this Summer: 24.12 2014
This is Why it's OK to Have a Messy Dorm Room: 24.13 2014
Study Claims College Guys Spend 8 Hours a Day on Phones, Girls Spend 10: 24.14 2014
How to Manage Your Time & Stress in College: Advice from a Current Senior: 24.19 2014
Cranial Sacral Therapy: Science or Hooey?: 24.21 2015
Top 5 eco-friendly organizations to support: 25.3 2015
Garagiste Festival returns to Los Angeles to toast artisan winemakers: 25.5 2015
Millennials rank retirement saving, paying down debt as top priorities: 25.6 2015
The whoppers start after researchers trick college guys about their masculinity: 25.6 2015
More young adults living with parents, even after getting jobs: 25.6 2015
Roommate rules: Messy? Moody? Talk first before it turns confrontational: 25.7 2015
BFF? Beer buddies? Sonoma State study finds new facts about friendship: 25.7 2015