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Title Headline Issue Year
Mamma Mia! The Movie: (Universal) 2008
Man on Wire: (Magnolia) 2008
Blue Man Group Megastar Blue Man Group: How to Be a Megastar Live! [Blu-ray]: (Rhino) 2009
Chungking Express: (Criterion) 2009
The Duchess: (Paramount)

Flashbacks of a Fool: (Anchor Bay) 2009
The Mummy: Dragon Emp The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor: (Universal) 2009
Opium Opium: Diary of a Madwoman: (Koch Lorber) 2009
Peanuts Holiday Collection: (Warner) 2009
Traitor: (Anchor Bay) 2009
Wings (Eclipse Series 11): (Criterion) 2009
The Best of Dr. Katz The Best of Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist: (Paramount) 2009
The Flintstones The Flintstones: The Complete Series: (Turner) 2009
Happy Days Happy Days – The Fourth Season: (Paramount) 2009
Petticoat Junction Petticoat Junction – The Official First Season: (Paramount) 2009
Rawhide Rawhide – Season Three, Vol. 2: (Paramount) 2009
George Carlin George Carlin: It’s Bad For Ya [Blu-ray],: (MPI) 2009
Mr. Bean Mr. Bean: The Ultimate Collection: (A&E) 2009
Burn After Reading: (Universal) 2009
Ghost Town: (Dreamworks) 2009
Old School [Blu-ray]: (Paramount) 2009
Baghead: (Sony) 2009
Death Race: (Universal) 2009
Eagle Eye: (DreamWorks) 2009
Humboldt County: (Magnolia) 2009
King (History Channel): (A&E) 2009
The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio The Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio: (Red Envelope) 2009
Pulse 3: (Weinstein Company) 2009
Poor Little Rich Girl: The Barbara Hutton Story: (A&E) 2009
The Best of Rifftrax Shorts, Vol. One: (Rifftrax) 2009
Funny Face/Breakfast at Tiffany’s: (Paramount) 2009
That Hamilton Woman: (Criterion Collection) 2009
Constantine's Sword Constantine's Sword: (First Run Features) 2008
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: (Paramount) 2008
No Offense: Live from New Jersey No Offense: Live from New Jersey: (Shout Factory) 2008
Psycho/Rear Window/Vertigo Psycho/Rear Window/Vertigo: (Universal Legacy Series) 2008
Primo Levi's Journey Primo Levi's Journey: (New Yorker Vision) 2008
The Strangers The Strangers: (Universal) 2008
Barack Obama: The Power of Change Barack Obama: The Power of Change: (Rockcity Ent.) 2008
Electile Dysfunction Electile Dysfunction: (Cinema Libre) 2008
Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil: (Comedy Central) 2008
Alice Neel Documentary Alice Neel Documentary: (Arts Alliance America) 2008
Animal House – 30th Anniversary Edition Gift Set Animal House – 30th Anniversary Edition Gift Set: (Universal) 2008
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens: (warner) 2008
Baraka [Blu-ray] Baraka [Blu-ray]: (MPI) 2008
The Bourne Trilogy The Bourne Trilogy: (Universal) 2008
Journey to the Center of the Earth Journey to the Center of the Earth: (New Line) 2008
Le Doulos/Le Deuxième Souffle Le Doulos/Le Deuxième Souffle : (Criterion) 2008
Waterworld (Director’s Cut) Waterworld (Director’s Cut): (Universal) 2008
An Autumn Afternoon An Autumn Afternoon: (Criterion) 2008
Flight of the Red Balloon Flight of the Red Balloon: (IFC) 2008
Hellboy II: The Golden Army Hellboy II: The Golden Army: (Universal) 2008
Hell Ride Hell Ride: (Weinstein Company) 2008
Linewatch Linewatch: (Sony) 2008
Love Songs Love Songs: (IFC) 2008
The Mindscape of Alan Moore The Mindscape of Alan Moore: (The Disinformation Company) 2008
Orson Welles’ Don Quixote Orson Welles’ Don Quixote: (Image) 2008
The Picture of Dorian Gray The Picture of Dorian Gray: (Warner) 2008
Re-Cycle Re-Cycle: (Image) 2008
Remembrance of Things to Come Remembrance of Things to Come: (Icarus) 2008
The Singing Detective The Singing Detective: (Legend) 2008
Water Lilies Water Lilies: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Two-Pack: (DreamWorks Animation) 2008
The Cult of the Suicide Bomber 2 The Cult of the Suicide Bomber 2: (Disinformation Company) 2008
Gangland: The Complete Season One Gangland: The Complete Season One: (A&E) 2008
Horatio Hornblower Collector’s Edition Horatio Hornblower Collector’s Edition: (A&E) 2008
Ludwig Ludwig: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Moontide Moontide: (20th Century Fox) 2008
OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies: (Music Box) 2008
Road House Road House: (20th Century Fox) 2008
The Wild Wild West: The Complete Series The Wild Wild West: The Complete Series: (Paramount) 2008
Bruce Nauman: Make Me Think Bruce Nauman: Make Me Think: (Facets) 2008
The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus-Collector's Edition Megaset The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus-Collector's Edition Megaset: (A&E) 2008
300 (Limited Edition) 300 (Limited Edition): (Warner) 2008
Priceless Priceless: (First Look) 2008
Star Trek: The Original Series – Season Three – Remastered Edition Star Trek: The Original Series – Season Three – Remastered Edition: (Paramount) 2008
Tropic Thunder Tropic Thunder: (DreamWorks) 2008
Wall-E Wall-E: (Walt Disney) 2008
What We Do Is Secret What We Do Is Secret: (Peace Arch) 2008
Fanfan la Tulipe Fanfan la Tulipe: (Criterion) 2008
Fanny Hill Fanny Hill: (Acorn) 2008
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson: (Magnolia) 2008
The Jewel in the Crown (25th Anniversary Edition) The Jewel in the Crown (25th Anniversary Edition): (A&E) 2008
Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal: (A&E) 2008
The Spy Who Came in From the Cold The Spy Who Came in From the Cold: (Criterion) 2008
The X-Files: I Want to Believe The X-Files: I Want to Believe : (20th Century Fox) 2008
Becket [Blu-ray] Becket [Blu-ray]: (MPI) 2008
The Day The Earth Stood Still The Day The Earth Stood Still : (Two-Disc Special Edition)
(20th Century Fox)
Mister Lonely Mister Lonely: (IFC) 2008
Step Brothers Step Brothers: (Sony) 2008
Wanted Wanted: (Universal) 2008
The True Story of Che Guevara The True Story of Che Guevara: (A&E) 2008
Operation Valkyrie: The Stauffenberg Plot to Kill Hitler: (Koch Vision) 2008
American Teen: (Paramount) 2008
Hancock: (Sony) 2008
Inside the Circle: (Cinema Libre) 2008
Sex and Death 101 Sex and Death 101: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Batman: Gotham Knight Batman - Gotham Knight: (Warner) 2008
Heathers Heathers: 20th High School Reunion Edition: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Mother Earth (IMAX) Mother Earth (IMAX): (Razor Digital Entertainment) 2008
Ruth Rendell Mysteries: Set 3 The Ruth Rendell Mysteries - Set 3: (Acorn Media) 2008
Summer '04 Summer '04: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Twisted: A Balloonamentary Twisted: A Balloonamentary: (Eliot Lives Productions) 2008
X-Files: Relevations The X-Files: Revelations: (Fox) 2008
Bucket List The Bucket List: (Warner) 2008
City of Vice City of Vice: (Koch Vision) 2008
Journey to 10,000 BC Journey to 10,000 BC: (A&E) 2008
A Love to Keep A Love to Keep: (Picture This!) 2008
Man of a Thousand Faces Man of a Thousand Faces: (Universal) 2008
Persepolis Persepolis: (Sony) 2008
Twelfth Night (1969) Twelfth Night: (Koch Vision) 2008
Dario Argento Box Set Dario Argento Box Set: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Morris Engel: Films The Films of Morris Engel: (Kino International) 2008
Quantum Hoops Quantum Hoops: (Green Forest) 2008
Fastlane: The Complete Series Fastlane - The Complete Series: (Warner) 2008
Jake and the Fatman: Season 1, Vol. 1 Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Vol. 1: (Paramount) 2008
List The List: (Fox) 2008
Till Death Do Us Part: Season 1 Till Death Do Us Part - Season One: (Navarre Corporation) 2008
Stargate: Atlantis: Season 4 Stargate: Atlantis - Season Four: (MGM) 2008
Jericho: The Complete Series Jericho - The Complete Series: (Paramount) 2008
Monsterquest: Season 1 Monsterquest: Complete Season One: (A&E) 2008
Mannix: Season 1 Mannix - The First Season: (Paramount) 2008
Californication: Season 1 Californication - The First Season: (Paramount) 2008
My Blueberry Nights My Blueberry Nights: (The Weinstein Company) 2008
Mummy/Mummy Returns The Mummy/The Mummy Returns: (Universal) 2008
Mummy (1932) The Mummy (1932): (Universal Legacy Series) 2008
Ruins The Ruins: (Paramount) 2008
Stop-Loss Stop-Loss: (Paramount/MTV) 2008
Xanadu Xanadu - Magical Musical Edition: (Universal) 2008
TV Funhouse Comedy Central's TV Funhouse: (Comedy Central 2008
Doomsday Doomsday (Unrated): (Rogue) 2008
Fearless Jet Li's Fearless: (Universal) 2008
Vantage Point Vantage Point: (Sony) 2008
War Games War Games: 25th Anniversary Edition: (MGM) 2008
War Games: Dead Code War Games: The Dead Code: (MGM) 2008
Biography - Obama Biography - Barack Obama: (A&E) 2008
Baldwin Hills Baldwin Hills: The Complete First Season: (Paramount) 2008
The Hills Season 3 The Hills – The Complete Third Season: (MTV) 2008
Shine a Light Shine a Light: (Paramount) 2008
Biography - John McCain Biography - John McCain: (A&E) 2008
South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season: (Comedy Central 2008
a/k/a Tommy Chong a/k/a Tommy Chong: (Infinity Ent.) 2008
Drillbit Taylor Drillbit Taylor: (Paramount) 2008
Never Back Down Never Back Down: (Summit Entertainment) 2008
Never Say Macbeth Never Say Macbeth: (Vangaurd Cinema) 2008
Straight Men & The Men Who Love Them 2 Straight Men & The Men Who Love Them 2: (Ariztical Entertainment) 2008
Starship Trooper 3: Marauder Starship Trooper 3: Marauder: (Sony) 2008
Street Kings Street Kings:
(20th Century Fox)
High And Low High And Low: 2008
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters/Patriotism Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters/Patriotism: 2008
Trafic Trafic: 2008
Vampyr Vampyr: 2008
The Audience Strikes Back The Audience Strikes Back: (Ryko) 2008
Brand Upon The Brain! Brand Upon The Brain!: (Criterion) 2008
Deal Deal: (MGM) 2008
Dirty Money (Un Flic) Dirty Money (Un Flic): (Lionsgate) 2008
Kiss Of The Spider Woman Kiss Of The Spider Woman: (Two-dist Collector's Edition)
(City Lights)
The Life Before Her Eyes The Life Before Her Eyes: (Magnolia) 2008
Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day: (Universal) 2008
Nim's Island Neim's Island: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Troubadours Troubadours: (Downstate Production) 2008
What Happens In Vegas What Happens In Vegas: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Chasing The Dream Chasing The Dream: (Metalstorm Entertainment) 2008
The Cool School The Cool School: (Arts Alliance America) 2008
Surfwise Surfwise: (Magnolia) 2008
Chicago 10 Chicago 10: (Paramount) 2008
Inglorious Bastards (3-Disc Special Edition) Inglorious Bastards (3-Disc Special Edition): (Severin) 2008
American Slapstick, Vol. 2 American Slapstick, Vol. 2: (Facets/All Day) 2008
P.D. James: The Essential Collection P.D. James: The Essential Collection: (Koch Vision) 2008
The Cameron Miranda Collection The Cameron Miranda Collection: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection Tyrone Power Matinee Idol Collection: (20th Century Fox) 2008
André Téchiné: 4-Film Collector’s Edition André Téchiné: 4-Film Collector’s Edition: (Lionsgate) 2008
The Adventures of Robin Hood (Blu-Ray) The Adventures of Robin Hood (Blu-Ray): (Warner) 2008
Autumn Hearts: A New Beginning Autumn Hearts: A New Beginning: (Image) 2008
Brotherhood of the Wolf – Director’s Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition) Brotherhood of the Wolf – Director’s Cut (Two-Disc Special Edition): (Universal) 2008
Cane Toads: An Unnatural History Cane Toads: An Unnatural History: (First Run) 2008
The Itty Bitty Titty Committee The Itty Bitty Titty Committee: (Wolfe Video) 2008
Lagerfeld Confidential Lagerfeld Confidential: (Koch Lorber) 2008
My Sassy Girl My Sassy Girl: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Stargate: Continuum Stargate: Continuum: (MGM) 2008
Virgin Territory Virgin Territory: (Starz/Anchor Bay) 2008
Baby Mama Baby Mama: (Universal) 2008
The Big Lebowski – 10th Anniversary Limited Edition The Big Lebowski – 10th Anniversary Limited Edition: (Universal) 2008
Made of Honor Made of Honor: (Sony) 2008
88 Minutes 88 Minutes: (Sony) 2008
Bright Lights, Big City (Special Edition) Bright Lights, Big City (Special Edition) : (MGM) 2008
Child’s Play: Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition Child’s Play: Chucky’s 20th Birthday Edition: (MGM) 2008
Married Life Married Life: (Sony) 2008
Noise Noise: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Starship Troopers Trilogy Starship Troopers Trilogy: (Sony) 2008
The Bank Job The Bank Job: (Lionsgate) 2008
The Bank Job The Bank Job: (Lionsgate) 2008
The Boondocks: Complete Second Season The Boondocks: Complete Second Season: (Sony) 2008
Girl on the Bridge Girl on the Bridge: (Legend) 2008
Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins: (Universal) 2008
Leatherheads Leatherheads: (Universal) 2008
Bigger, Stronger, Faster* Bigger, Stronger, Faster*: (Magnolia) 2008
Cool Hand Luke (Deluxe Edition) Cool Hand Luke (Deluxe Edition): (Warner) 2008
Deception Deception: (20th Century Fox) 2008
High School Flashback Collection High School Flashback Collection: (Universal) 2008
Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Collectors’ Edition) Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Collectors’ Edition): (Paramount) 2008
L.A. Confidential L.A. Confidential: (Warner) 2008
Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This? Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This?: Bill Burr: Why Do I Do This?
Jimmy Dore: Citizen Jimmy Jimmy Dore: Citizen Jimmy: (Image) 2008
Reno 911: Miami (Unrated More Busted Than Ever Edition) Reno 911: Miami (Unrated More Busted Than Ever Edition): (20th Century Fox) 2008
Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary Edition) Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary Edition) : (Universal) 2008
Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary Edition) Touch of Evil (50th Anniversary Edition) : (Universal) 2008
Body Heat [Blu-Ray] Body Heat [Blu-Ray]: (Warner) 2008
Chapter 27 Chapter 27: (Peace Arch) 2008
The Foot Fist Way The Foot Fist Way: (Paramount) 2008
The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk: (Universal) 2008
Mother of Tears Mother of Tears: (Weinstein Company) 2008
The Promotion The Promotion: (Weinstein) 2008
Risky Business (25th Anniversary) Risky Business (25th Anniversary): (Warner) 2008
The Ultimate Matrix Collection [Blu-Ray] The Ultimate Matrix Collection [Blu-Ray]: (Warner) 2008
Charlie Chan Vol. 5 Charlie Chan Collection, Vol. 5: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Gigi Gigi: (Warner) 2008
7th Voyage of Sinbad The 7th Voyage of Sinbad 50th Anniversary Edition: (Sony) 2008
Horror DVDs Horror DVDs: 2008
How the West Was Won – (Ultimate Collector’s Edition) How the West Was Won – (Ultimate Collector’s Edition): (Warner) 2008
Pale Rider [Blu-Ray] Pale Rider [Blu-Ray]: (Warner) 2008
Western Classics Collection Western Classics Collection: (Warner) 2008
Casino Royale (Collector's Edition) Casino Royale (Collector's Edition): (MGM) 2008
Chaplin (15th Anniversary Edition): (Lionsgate) 2008
Stardust Stardust: (Paramount) 2008
Bourne Ultimatum The Bourne Ultimatum: (Universal) 2008
Commune Commune: (First Run Features) 2008
Evil Dead The Evil Dead (Ultimate Edition): (Anchor Bay) 2008
King of California King of California: (First Look) 2008
Klimt Klimt: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Two-Lane Blacktop Two-Lane Blacktop: (Criterion) 2008
Young Mr. Lincoln Young Mr. Lincoln: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Medabots: Season 1 Medabots: The Complete First Season: (Shout! Factory) 2008
3:10 to Yuma 3:10 to Yuma: (Lionsgate) 2008
Future by Design Future by Design: (OpenEdge) 2008
Star Trek VI Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Collector's Edition): (Paramount) 2008
Strays Strays: (First Look) 2008
This Sporting Life This Sporting Life: (Criterion) 2008
Family Guy: Blue Harvest Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest: (Fox) 2008
Medabots: Season 1 Medabots: The Complete First Season: (Shout! Factory) 2008
Popeye the Sailor: 1933-1938, Vol. 1 Popeye the Sailor: 1933-1938, Vol. 1: (Warner) 2008
Weird Science: Seasons 1 & 2 Weird Science: The Complete Seasons 1 & 2: (A&E Home Video) 2008
Demon Witch Child The Revenge of Bad Movie Night: Demon Witch Child 2008
An Affair to Remember An Affair to Remember (50th Anniversary Edition): (20th Century Fox) 2008
Heartbreak Kid The Heartbreak Kid: (Paramount) 2008
Indie Sex Indie Sex: (IFC) 2008
Jake's Booty Call Jake's Booty Call: (National Lampoon) 2008
Amazing Screw-On Head The Amazing Screw-On Head: (Lionsgate) 2008
Criss Angel Mindfreak Season 3 Criss Angel: Mindfreak: The Complete Season Three
Dance for Camera, Vol. 2 Dance for Camera, Vol. 2: (First Run Features) 2008
Invincible Iron Man The Invincible Iron Man: (Lionsgate) 2008
Swamp Thing: Complete Series Swamp Thing - The Series: (Shout! Factory) 2008
Terry Jones' Barbarians Terry Jones' Barbarians: (Koch Vision) 2008
Been Rich All My Life Been Rich All My Life: (First Run Features) 2008
Che Guevara Che Guevara: Where You’d Never Imagine Him: (First Run Features) 2008
Sunshine Sunshine: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Zodiac (Director's Cut) Zodiac - The Director's Cut: (Paramount) 2008
Aqua Teen, Vol. 5 Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Vol. 5: (Warner) 2008
Thunderbirds Thunderbirds 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Megaset: (A&E) 2008
Assassination Jesse The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford: (Warner) 2008
A Stranger’s Heart A Stranger’s Heart: (RHI Entertainment) 2008
About a Son Kurt Cobain – About a Son: (Shout! Factory) 2008
Feel the Noise Feel the Noise: (Sony) 2008
Margot at the Wedding Margot at the Wedding: (Paramount) 2008
Romance & Cigarettes Romance & Cigarettes: (Sony) 2008
Whitest Kids U’ Know The Whitest Kids U’ Know: Season 1: (Genius Products) 2008
Who’s Your Caddy? Who’s Your Caddy?: (The Weinstein Company) 2008
Darjeeling Limited The Darjeeling Limited: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Michael Clayton Michael Clayton: (Warner) 2008
Goya's Ghosts Goya's Ghosts: (Sony) 2008
Space Mutiny Space Mutiny: The Revenge of Bad Movie Night 2008
Vampires Anonymous Vampires Anonymous: 2008
Walker Walker: (Criterion) 2008
Pierrot Le Fou Pierrot Le Fou: (Criterion) 2008
2008 Rose Bowl Game The 2008 Rose Bowl Game: (ESPN) 2008
South Park: Imaginationland South Park: Imaginationland: (Paramount) 2008
American Gangster American Gangster: (Universal) 2008
Beowulf Beowulf: (Paramount) 2008
Death at a Funeral Death at a Funeral: (MGM) 2008
No Reservations No Reservations: (Warner) 2008
Joan Crawford Collection, Vol. 2 The Joan Crawford Collection, Vol. 2: (Warner) 2008
30 Days of Night 30 Days of Night: (Sony) 2008
Wiz The Wiz (30th Anniversary Edition): (Universal) 2008
Warner Academy Awards Animation Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Academy Awards Animation Collection: (Warner) 2008
Batman (Animated) Double Feature Batman & Mr. Freeze - Subzero/Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Double Feature): (Warner) 2008
To Kill A Mockingbird To Kill A Mockingbird: (Universal) 2008
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Smith: (Fox) 2008
Wizard of Oz The Wizard of Oz: (Warner) 2008
Dukes of Hazzard (2005) The Dukes of Hazzard: (Warner) 2008
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: (Warner) 2008
Longest Yard (2005) The Longest Yard: (Paramount) 2008
Millions Millions: (Fox) 2008
Bad Boys of Comedy P. Diddy Presents The Bad Boys of Comedy: (Paramount) 2008
Happy Endings Happy Endings: (Lions Gate) 2008
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: (Fox) 2008
Nip/Tuck: Season 2 Nip/Tuck: The Complete Second Season: (Warner) 2008
Sin City Sin City: (Dimension) 2008
Crash Crash: (Lions Gate) 2008
Lost: Season 1 Lost: The Complete First Season: (Buena Vista) 2008
Nip/Tuck: Season 1 Nip/Tuck: The Complete First Season: (Warner) 2008
Imagine: John Lennon Imagine: John Lennon: (Warner) 2008
Battlestar Galactica: Season 1 Battlestar Galactica: Season One: (Universal) 2008
Beavis and Butt-Head, Vol. 1 : The Mike Judge Collection, Vol. 1: (Paramount/MTV) 2008
Kicking and Screaming Kicking and Screaming: (Universal) 2008
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: (Buena Vista) 2008
Land of the Dead Land of the Dead: (Universal) 2008
Mad Hot Ballroom Mad Hot Ballroom: (Paramount) 2008
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: (New Line) 2008
Interpreter The Interpreter: (Universal) 2008
Mr. Deeds Mr. Deeds: (Sony) 2008
Palindromes Palindromes: (Wellspring) 2008
Good Girl The Good Girl: (Fox) 2008
Fever Pitch Fever Pitch: Curse Reversed Edition: (Fox) 2008
Starstruck (1982) Starstruck: (Blue Underground) 2008
CSI: Season 1 CSI: The Complete First Season: (CBS/Paramount) 2008
Inside Deep Throat Inside Deep Throat: (Universal) 2008
Everwood: Season 1 Everwood: The Complete First Season: (Warner) 2008
Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth: (Sony) 2008
Laws of Attraction Laws of Attraction: (New Line) 2008
Decasia: The State of Decay Decasia: The State of Decay: (Plexifilm) 2008
Full Frontal Full Frontal: (Buena Vista) 2008
Futurama, Vol. 3 Futurama, Vol. 3: (Fox) 2008
Futurama, Vol. 1 Futurama, Vol. 1: (Fox) 2008
Two Days In Paris 2 Days In Paris: (Fox) 2008
Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2 Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2: (Warner) 2008
In the Heat of the Night In the Heat of the Night: (United Artists) 2008
Into the Wild Into the Wild: (Paramount) 2008
Things We Lost in the Fire Things We Lost in the Fire: (DreamWorks) 2008
Blue State Blue State: (MGM) 2008
Bordertown Bordertown: (THINKFilm) 2008
Darkon Darkon: (SeeThink) 2008
En La Cama En La Cama: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Gabriel Gabriel: (Sony) 2008
Imagination Imagination: (Vanguard International Cinema) 2008
Inside Inside: (Echo Bridge) 2008
Metalocalypse: Season 1 Metalocalypse: Season One: (Turner Home Entertainment) 2008
Women's Camp 119 Women's Camp 119: The Revenge of Bad Movie Night 2008
L.A. Dodgers 1988 World Series Los Angeles Dodgers 1988 World Series: Collector's Edition: (A&E) 2008
August Rush August Rush: (Warner) 2008
Bee Movie Bee Movie: (Paramount) 2008
I Am Legend I Am Legend: (Warner) 2008
Lil' Bush: Season 1 Lil' Bush - Resident of the United States - Season One Uncensored: (Paramount) 2008
Revolver Revolver: (Sony) 2008
Southland Tales Southland Tales: (Sony) 2008
Alex Haley's Queen Alex Haley's Queen: (Warner) 2008
Moments with Fidel Moments with Fidel: (First Run Features) 2008
Radiant City Radiant City: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Sonja Sonja: (Picture This!) 2008
Summer Palace Summer Palace: (Palm Pictures) 2008
White Noise 2 White Noise 2: (Universal) 2008
1968 with Tom Brokaw 1968 with Tom Brokaw: (A&E) 2008
Boys Love Boys Love: (Picture This!) 2008
Kite Runner The Kite Runner: (Paramount) 2008
Lost Highway Lost Highway: (Universal) 2008
Sleuth Sleuth: (Sony) 2008
Upright Citizens Brigade: ASSSSCAT! The Upright Citizens Brigade: ASSSSCAT!: (Shout! Factory) 2008
Walk the Line (Extended Cut) Walk the Line (Extended Cut): (Fox) 2008
Antonio Gaudí Antonio Gaudí: (Criterion) 2008
Ice Storm The Ice Storm: (Criterion) 2008
Mafioso Mafioso: (Criterion) 2008
Baseball's Most Unbreakable Feats Baseball's Most Unbreakable Feats: (Shout! Factory) 2008
Benjamin Smoke Benjamin Smoke: (Plexifilm) 2008
Ciao! Manhattan Ciao! Manhattan: (Plexifilm) 2008
Don't Try This At Home Don't Try This At Home: The Steve-O Video: (Image) 2008
Friends Forever Friends Forever: (Plexifilm) 2008
King of the Streets King of the Streets: (Image) 2008
Lost Skeleton of Cadavra The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra: (Columbia TriStar) 2008
Frisky Dingo: Season 1 Frisky Dingo - Season 1: (Warner) 2008
Tom & Jerry: Vol. 4 Tom & Jerry: Tales, Vol. 4: (Warner) 2008
Good Night The Good Night: (Sony) 2008
Juno Juno: (Fox) 2008
Lions For Lambs Lions For Lambs: (MGM) 2008
Mike Birbiglia: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing Mike Birbiglia: What I Should Have Said Was Nothing: (Shout! Factory) 2008
Mist The Mist: (Genius Products) 2008
A Great Day in Harlem A Great Day in Harlem (Special Edition): (Image Entertainment) 2008
Eye of the Beast Eye of the Beast: (Genius Products) 2008
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium: (Fox) 2008
Sweeney Todd Sweeney Todd: (Paramount) 2008
There Will Be Blood There Will Be Blood: (Paramount) 2008
After Dark Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For After Dark Horrorfest: 8 Films to Die For: (Lionsgate) 2008
Easy Living Easy Living: (Universal Cinema Classics) 2008
Lars and the Real Girl Lars and the Real Girl: (MGM) 2008
Major and the Minor The Major and the Minor: (Universal Cinema Classics) 2008
Midnight Midnight: (Universal Cinema Classics) 2008
Mike Douglas: Moments & Memories Mike Douglas: Moments & Memories: (Standing Room Only) 2008
One, Two, Many One, Two, Many: (National Lampoon) 2008
She Done Him Wrong She Done Him Wrong: (Universal Cinema Classics) 2008
Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women Prehistoric Pain On A Bad Space Trip: 2008
Bridge on the River Kwai Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia (Collector's Editions): (Columbia Tri-Star) 2008
Charlie Wilson's War Charlie Wilson's War: (Universal) 2008
Cloverfield Cloverfield: (Paramount) 2008
Orphanage The Orphanage: (New Line) 2008
Picture Snatcher Picture Snatcher: (Warner) 2008
Blast of Silence Blast of Silence: (Criterion) 2008
Death of a Cyclist Death of a Cyclist: (Criterion) 2008
Love Parade The Love Parade: (Criterion) 2008
Hiya, Kids!!: A '50s Saturday Morning Hiya, Kids!!: A '50s Saturday Morning: (Shout! Factory) 2008
Justice League: The New Frontier Justice League – The New Frontier: (Warner) 2008
How the Earth Was Made How the Earth Was Made: (A&E) 2008
I'm Not There I'm Not There: (Weinstein Company) 2008
Life After People Life After People: (A&E) 2008
Henry Rollins: Provoked Provoked: (2.13.61) 2008
27 Dresses 27 Dresses: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Starting Out in the Evening Starting Out in the Evening: (Lionsgate) 2008
TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball TILT: The Battle to Save Pinball: (C3 Images) 2008
What Remains What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann: (Zeitgeist) 2008
A Global Warning? A Global Warning?: (A&E) 2008
World Without US The World Without US: (Deep Waters Productions) 2008
American Idol: Season 6 Final Performance Show American Idol: Season 6 Final Performance Show - The Top 2: (Koch Vision) 2008
Jane Austen Trilogy The Jane Austen Trilogy: (Arts Magic) 2008
Paranormal State: Season 1 Paranormal State - Season 1: (A&E) 2008
How She Move How She Move: (Paramount) 2008
Indiana Jones: The Adventure Collection Indiana Jones: The Adventure Collection: (Paramount) 2008
Reservation Road Reservation Road: (Universal) 2008
St. Ives St. Ives: (Warner) 2008
Teeth Teeth: (The Weinstein Company) 2008
Twister Twister (Two-Disc Special Edition): (Warner) 2008
War/Dance War/Dance: (THINKFilm) 2008
Andromeda Strain The Andromeda Strain: (A&E) 2008
Academy Award '07 Nominated Short Films A Collection of 2007 Academy Award Nominated Short Films: (Magnolia) 2008
Golden Compass The Golden Compass: (New Line) 2008
Great Debaters The Great Debaters: (Genius Products) 2008
Marvel Heroes Collection Marvel Heroes Collection: (20th Century Fox) 2008
MST3K: The Movie Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie: (Universal) 2008
Serial Mom Serial Mom: (Universal) 2008
Youth Without Youth Youth Without Youth: (Sony) 2008
2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey: (Warner) 2008
Fire Within The Fire Within: (Criterion Collection) 2008
Lovers The Lovers: (Criterion Collection) 2008
Diving Bell and the Butterfly The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: (Miramax) 2008
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Girls Just Want to Have Fun: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Rambo Collector's Set Rambo - The Complete Collector's Set: (Lionsgate) 2008
Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights - Hollywood to Heartland: (New Line) 2008
Drawn Together: Season 3 Drawn Together - Uncensored!: Season Three: (Comedy Central) 2008
Saturday Night Live: Season 3 Saturday Night Live: The Complete Third Season: (Universal) 2008
Three Sheets: Season 2 Three Sheets: Season 2: (Infinity Entertainment Group) 2008
Le Chinoise Le Chinoise: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Le Gai Savoir Le Gai Savoir: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Bette Davis Collection The Bette Davis Collection: (20th Century Fox) 2008
James Stewart: The Western Collection James Stewart - The Western Collection: (Universal) 2008
Some Came Running Some Came Running: (Warner) 2008
Frank Sinatra: The Golden Years Frank Sinatra - The Golden Years: (Warner) 2008
Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly Collection The Frank Sinatra & Gene Kelly Collection: (Warner) 2008
Frank Sinatra: The Early Years Frank Sinatra - The Early Years: (Warner) 2008
Cassandra's Dream Cassandra's Dream: (Weinstein Company) 2008
Dans Paris Dans Paris: (Genius Products) 2008
Dirty Harry (Ultimate Collector's Edition) Dirty Harry (Ultimate Collector's Edition): (Warner) 2008
Grace Is Gone Grace Is Gone: (Genius Products/The Weinstein Company) 2008
Steel City Steel City: (Peace Arch) 2008
Animation Show, Vol. 3 The Animation Show, Vol. 3: (MTV) 2008
Essential Games of: Shea Stadium/Fenway Park Essential Games of: Shea Stadium/Fenway Park: (A&E) 2008
Night of the Living Dead Night of the Living Dead: 40th Anniversary Edition: (The Weinstein Company) 2008
It's A Boy/Girl Thing It's A Boy/Girl Thing: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Lather Effect The Lather Effect: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Mad Money Mad Money: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Semi-Pro Semi-Pro: (New Line) 2008
Strange Wilderness Strange Wilderness: (Paramount) 2008
24: Season 1 24: Season One (Special Edition): (20th Century Fox) 2008
Definitely, Maybe Definitely, Maybe: (Universal) 2008
Jamie Foxx Collection The Jamie Foxx Film Collection: (Universal) 2008
Grand The Grand: (Anchor Bay) 2008
Intervention: Season 1 Intervention Season 1: Then and Now: (A&E) 2008
Hunt for John Wilkes Booth The Hunt for John Wilkes Booth: (A&E) 2008
John Adams John Adams: (HBO) 2008
In Bruges In Bruges: (Universal) 2008
Making Of Making Of: (Koch Lorber) 2008
Onion Movie The Onion Movie: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Rails & Ties Rails & Ties: (Warner) 2008
Spiderwick Chronicles The Spiderwick Chronicles - (Two-Disc Special Edition): (Paramount) 2008
High Noon High Noon - (Two-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition): (Lionsgate) 2008
Westerner The Westerner: (MGM) 2008
Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940, Vol. 2 Popeye the Sailor: 1938-1940, Vol. 2: (Warner) 2008
Burn Notice: Season 1 Burn Notice: Season 1: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Chaos Theory Chaos Theory: (Castle Rock) 2008
Funny Games (2007) Funny Games: (Warner) 2008
Under the Same Moon Under the Same Moon (La Misma Luna): (20th Century Fox) 2008
Classe Tous Risques Classe Tous Risques: (Criterion) 2008
Thief of Baghdad The Thief of Baghdad: (Criterion) 2008
Asylum Asylum: (MGM) 2008
Hollywood Dreams Hollywood Dreams: (TLA) 2008
Elf Elf: (New Line Home Entertainment) 2004
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: (Warner) 2004
Smallville: Season 3 Smallville: The Complete Third Season: (Warner) 2004
Cedric the Entertainer Presents...: The Complete Series Cedric the Entertainer Presents...The Complete Series: (Fox) 2004
Real Swimsuit DVD, Vol. 1 The Real Swimsuit DVD, Vol. 1: (Dennis Media Group) 2004
Crank Yankers: Season One Crank Yankers Uncensored: Season One: (Paramount) 2004
Smallville: Season 2 Smallville: The Complete Second Season: 2004
Starship Troopers 2 Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation: (Sony) 2004
Thrills, Spills, and Chills Thrills, Spills, and Chills: (TSC Productions) 2005
Survivor All-Stars: Season 1 Survivor All-Stars: The Complete First Season: (Paramount) 2005
Van Helsing Van Helsing: (Universal) 2005
American Pimp American Pimp: Raw Outtakes & the Hard Truth: (Sony Music Video) 2005
Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights: (Universal) 2005
Grudge The Grudge: (Columbia) 2005
Two Brothers Two Brothers: (Universal) 2005
Ray Ray: (Universal) 2005
Shield: Season 3 The Shield: Season 3: (Fox) 2005
La Femme Nikita: Season 2 La Femme Nikita: The Complete Second Season: (Warner) 2005
Get Shorty Get Shorty: Collector's Edition: (MGM) 2005
Notebook The Notebook: (New Line) 2005
Angel: Season 5 Angel<.i>: The Complete Fifth Season: (20th Century Fox) 2005
Pimp My Ride: Season 1 Pimp My Ride: The Complete First Season: (MTV) 2005
Closer Closer: (Sony Pictures) 2005
House of Flying Daggers House of Flying Daggers: (Sony Pictures Classics) 2005
Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events: (Paramount) 2005
Entourage: Season 1 Entourage: The Complete First Season: (HBO) 2005
Longest Yard (1974) The Longest Yard: Lockdown Edition: (Paramount) 2005
Joan of Arcadia: Season 1 Joan of Arcadia: The First Season: (Paramount) 2005
Finding Neverland Finding Neverland: (Miramax) 2005
Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason: (Universal) 2005
Incredibles The Incredibles: (Disney/Pixar) 2005
Alfie (2004) Alfie: (Paramount) 2005
Kinsey Kinsey: (Fox) 2005
In Good Company In Good Company: (Universal) 2005
Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man 2: (Sony Pictures Entertainment) 2005
Jersey Girl Jersey Girl: (Buena Vista Home Video) 2005
Coffee and Cigarettes Coffee and Cigarettes: (MGM) 2005
Chappelle’s Show: Season 2 Chappelle’s Show: Season 2 Uncensored: (Comedy Central) 2005
Man On Fire Man On Fire: (Fox Home Entertainment) 2005
Sideways Sideways: (Fox) 2005
Elektra Elektra: (Fox) 2005
Team America: World Police Team America: World Police - Uncensored and Unrated: (Paramount) 2005
Angel: Season 4 Angel: Season Four: (Fox) 2005
Ed Wood Ed Wood: Special Edition: (Touchstone) 2005
That ’70s Show: Season 1 That ’70s Show: Season 1: (Fox) 2005
Viva La Bam: Season 1 Viva La Bam: The Complete First Season: (MTV) 2005
Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry: (ThinkFilm) 2005
Dawn of the Dead (2004) Dawn of the Dead: (Universal) 2005
Passion of the Christ The Passion of the Christ: (Fox) 2005
Girl Next Door The Girl Next Door: (Fox) 2005
Hercules: Season 4 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Season 4: (Anchor Bay) 2005
Ad Lib Breakout Comedy Series Ad Lib Breakout Comedy Series: (Shout Factory!) 2005
Sling Blade Sling Blade: Director's Cut: (Buena Vista Home Video) 2005
Jaws Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition: (Universal) 2005
Pacifier The Pacifier: (Buena Vista) 2005
Desperate Housewives: Season 1 Desperate Housewives: The Complete First Season: (Buena Vista) 2005
Batman Begins Batman Begins: Deluxe Edition: 2005
Ringers: Lord of the Fans Ringers: Lord of the Fans: 2005
Aeon Flux Aeon Flux: 2005
March of the Penguins March of the Penguins: 2005
Two For the Money Two For the Money: 2006
Baxter The Baxter: 2006
Chumscrubber Chumscrubber: Dreamworks 2006
American Women American Women: Fox Searchlight 2006
Elizabethtown Elizabethtown: 2006
Doom Doom: 2006
Nine Lives Nine Lives: 2006
Grey's Anatomy: Season 1 Grey's Anatomy: Seasone One: 2006
Weather Man The Weather Man: (Paramount) 2006
Just Like Heaven Just Like Heaven: 2006
Walk the Line Walk the Line: 2006
Ice Harvest The Ice Harvest: (Focus Features) 2006
Jarhead Jarhead: 2006
Just Friends Just Friends: 2006
A History of Violence A History of Violence: 2006
Sleeper Cell Sleeper Cell: 2006
Capote Capote: 2006
Keane Keane: 2006
Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: (DreamWorks) 2006
Little Manhattan Little Manhattan: 2006
Get Rich or Die Tryin' Get Rich or Die Tryin': 2006
Fun with Dick and Jane Fun with Dick and Jane: 2006
Unfinished Life The Unfinished Life: 2006
Squid and the Whale The Squid and the Whale: 2006
Casanova Casanova: 2006
Tristan & Isolde Tristan & Isolde: (Fox) 2006
Family Stone The Family Stone: 2006
Delicatessen Delicatessen: 2006
Munich Munich: 2006
Rescue Me: Season 2 Rescue Me - The Complete Second Season: 2006
Something New Something New: 2006
Utopian Society The Utopian Society: 2006
Ringer The Ringer: 2006
Producers (2005) The Producers: 2006
Winter Passing Winter Passing: 2006
Home Movies: Complete Series Home Movies: 2006
Glory Road Glory Road: 2006
Date Movie Date Movie: 2006
Hills Have Eyes The Hills Have Eyes: 2006
Blue Collar Comedy Blue Collar Comedy: One For the Road 2006
World's Fastest Indian The World's Fastest Indian: 2006
Punky Brewster Punky Brewster: Season 3 2006
Final Destination 3 Final Destination 3: 2006
Ask the Dust Ask the Dust: (Paramount) 2006
Subject Two Subject Two: 2006
Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story: 2006
Laguna Beach: Season 2 Laguna Beach: The Complete Second Season: 2006
Kill Zone: Ultimate Edition Kill Zone: Ultimate Edition: (Universal) 2006
Lower City Lower City: 2006
Lost: Season Two Lost: Season Two: 2006
Star Wars Star Wars: Episodes IV, V & VI: Episodes IV, V & VI 2006
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift: (Universal) 2006
Proposition The Proposition: (First Look Studios) 2006
Thank You For Smoking Thank You For Smoking: 2006
X-Men: The Last Stand X-Men: The Last Stand: 2006
Break-Up The Break-Up: (Universal) 2006
Art School Confidential Art School Confidential: 2006
Nacho Libre Nacho Libre: (Paramount) 2006
Slither Slither: (Universal) 2006
Mission: Impossible: III Mission: Impossible: III: (Paramount) 2006
Hard Rock Treasures Hard Rock Treasures: (MPI Home Video) 2006
Wordplay Wordplay: (IFC Films) 2006
Cars Cars: (Disney) 2006
See No evil See No Evil: (Lions Gate) 2006
World Series '06 2006 World Series: Tigers vs. Cardinals: (MLB DVD) 2006
Little Miss Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine: (Fox Searchlight) 2007
World Trade Center World Trade Center: (Paramount) 2007
Last Kiss The Last Kiss: (Dreamworks) 2007
Snakes on a Plane Snakes on a Plane: 2007
Night Listener The Night Listener: (Miramax) 2007
Extras: Season 1 Extras: The Complete First Season: (HBO) 2007
Sherrybaby Sherrybaby: (Universal) 2007
Gridiron Gang Gridiron Gang: (Sony) 2007
Catch a Fire Catch a Fire: (Universal) 2007
Unknown Unknown: (The Weinstein Company) 2007
Flags of Our Fathers Flags of Our Fathers: (DreamWorks) 2007
Hollywoodland Hollywoodland: (Universal) 2007
Departed The Departed: (Warner) 2007
Half Nelson Half Nelson: (Sony) 2007
Babel Babel: (Paramount) 2007
Man of the Year Man of the Year: (Universal) 2007
Stranger Than Fiction Stranger Than Fiction: (Sony Pictures) 2007
Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny: (New Line) 2007
Holiday The Holiday: (Sony) 2007
Casino Royale Casino Royale: (Sony Pictures) 2007
Nativity Story The Nativity Story: (New Line) 2007
Come Early Morning Come Early Morning: 2007
Children of Men Children of Men: (Universal) 2007
Down the PCH Down the PCH: (Vanguard Cinema) 2007
Pursuit of Happyness Pursuit of Happyness: (Sony) 2007
Volver Volver: (Sony Classics) 2007
Good Shepherd The Good Shepherd: (Universal) 2007
Bobby Bobby: (The Weinstein Co.) 2007
Doris Day Collection, Vol. 2 The Doris Day Collection, Vol. 2: (Warner) 2007
Myopic Visions: Myopic Visions:: A Collection of Short Films By Award Winning Filmmaker Chris Mancini 2007
Last King of Scotland The Last King of Scotland: (20th Century Fox) 2007
Notes on a Scandal Notes on a Scandal: (20th Century Fox) 2007
Chiche Bombon Chiche Bombon: (Laguna Productions) 2007
Queen The Queen: (Miramax) 2007
Smokin' Aces Smokin' Aces: (Universal) 2007
Little Children Little Children: (New Line) 2007
Dreamgirls Dreamgirls: (DreamWorks) 2007
Fur—An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus Fur—An Imaginary Portrait of Diance Arbus: (New Line) 2007
Music & Lryics/Catch & Release Music & Lryics/Catch & Release: 2007
Fountain The Fountain: (Warner) 2007
Pan's Labyrinth Pan's Labyrinth: (New Line) 2007
Alpha Dog Alpha Dog: (Universal) 2007
Alejandro Jodorowsky The Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky: (Anchor Bay) 2007
Katharine Hepburn The Katharine Hepburn 100th Anniversary Collection: (Warner Home Video) 2007
Sportscentury Greatest Athletes: Barry Bonds Sportscentury Greatest Athletes: Barry Bonds: (ESPN) 2007
Seinfeld: Season 8 Seinfeld: Season 8: (Sony) 2007
Wordplay Wordplay: (IFC) 2007
Ghosts of Abu Ghraib Ghosts of Abu Ghraib: (HBO Video) 2007
Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3: Complete Series The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3 - The Complete Series: (Vivendi Visual Entertainment) 2007
Gray Matters Gray Matters: (20th Century Fox) 2007
Reno 911!: Miami Reno 911!: Miami: (20th Century Fox) 2007
How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It) How to Eat Your Watermelon in White Company (And Enjoy It): (Image Entertainment) 2007
Shooter Shooter: (Paramount) 2007
Anthem: An American Road Story Anthem: An American Road Story: (Passion River Films) 2007
Breach Breach: (Universal) 2007
NBA All-Access NBA All-Access with Ahmad Rashad: (NBA Entertainment & Warner Home Video) 2007
Puccini for Beginners Puccini for Beginners: (Strand Releasing) 2007
24 X 24: Wide Open with Jeff Gordon 24 X 24: Wide Open with Jeff Gordon: (Lionsgate) 2007
Black Snake Moan Black Snake Moan: (Paramount) 2007
Daddy's Little Girls Daddy's Little Girls: (Lionsgate) 2007
After the Wedding After the Wedding: (IFC) 2007
Avenue Montaigne Avenue Montaigne: (THINKFilm) 2007
Weeds: Season Two Weeds - Season Two: (Lionsgate) 2007
Astronaut Farmer The Astronaut Farmer: (Warner) 2007
Premonition Premonition: (Sony) 2007
Miss Potter Miss Potter: (Weinstein Company) 2007
Inland Empire Inland Empire: (Rhino) 2007
Disturbia/The Lookout Disturbia/The Lookout: (Dreamworks)/(Miramax) 2007
Harvey Birdman, Vol. 3 Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law, Vol. 3: (Turner Home Ent.) 2007
Bam Bam & Celeste Bam Bam & Celeste: (Wolfe Video) 2007
Dane Cook: Pilots Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots: (Sony) 2007
Fracture Fracture: (New Line) 2007
51 Birch Street 51 Birch Street: (Image Entertainment) 2007
Tales from the Crypt: Season 6 Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Sixth Season: (Warner) 2007
America's Mexican George Lopez: America's Mexican: (HBO Video) 2007
Cinema 16/Red Road Cinema 16: European Short Films/Red Road: (Warp Films)/(Tartan Video) 2007
D.O.A. Dead or Alive D.O.A. Dead or Alive: (Weinstein Company) 2007
LOL/Old Joy LOL/Old Joy: (Ryko Distribution)/(Kino Video) 2007
September 11 September 11: (First Run Features) 2007
Rowan Atkinson Rowan Atkinson Live!: (A&E Home Video) 2007
Jesus Christ Vampire The Revenge of Bad Movie Night: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter 2007
Black Book Black Book: (Sony) 2007
Samurai Jack: Season 4 Samurai Jack: Season Four: (Warner Home Video) 2007
Supernatural: Season 2 Supernatural: The Complete Second Season: (Warner Home Video) 2007
Kill Cruise The Revenge of Bad Movie Night: The Mari-Time of Their Lives 2007
Death Proof Death Proof: (The Weinstein Company) 2007
Evening Evening: (Universal) 2007
Knocked Up Knocked Up: (Universal) 2007
Entourage - Season 3, Pt. 2 Entourage - Season 3, Part 2: (HBO Home Video) 2007
I Like Killing Flies I Like Killing Flies: (New Video Group) 2007
Zoo Zoo: (THINKFilm) 2007
Demetri Martin: Person Demetri Martin: Person
(Paramount/Comedy Central)
Final Draft Final Draft: (Peace Arch) 2007
Frostbitten Frostbitten: (Genius Products) 2007
Project Runway: Season 3 Project Runway: Season 3: (The Weinstein Company/Genius Products) 2007
Veronica Mars: Season 3 Veronica Mars: Season Three: (Warner) 2007
House of Cards Haunted Hill The Revenge of Bad Movie Night: House of Cards on Haunted Hill 2007
Trials of Darryl Hunt The Trials of Darryl Hunt: (THINKFilm/Magnolia) 2007
Blood in the Face Blood in the Face: (First Run Features) 2007
Working Girls Working Girls: (Fert Run Features) 2007
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters For DVD Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters For DVD: (Turner Home Ent) 2007
Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme: (Lionsgate) 2007
Superman: Doomsday Superman: Doomsday: (Warner) 2007
Surf's Up Surf's Up: (Sony) 2007
Young Indiana Jones Vol. 1 Young Indiana Jones Vol. 1: (Paramount) 2007
Everybody Hates Chris: Season 2 Everybody Hates Chris - The Second Season: (Paramount) 2007
Ping Pong Ping Pong: (VIZ Pictures) 2007
Sicko Sicko: (Weinstein Company) 2007
Stanley Kubrick Stanley Kubrick: (Warner) 2007
Twin Peaks: Complete Series Twin Peaks: (Paramount) 2007
Barbara Stanwyck Barbara Stanwyck: (Warner) 2007
Chalk Chalk: (Arts Alliance America) 2007
Eternal Summer Eternal Summer: (Picture This!) 2007
Great Warming The Great Warming: (Stonehaven) 2007
Wendell Baker Story The Wendell Baker Story: (THINKFilm) 2007
Chinatown Chinatown: (Paramount) 2007
Lady Vanishes The Lady Vanishes: (Criterion Collection) 2007
Live Free or Die Hard Live Free or Die Hard: (20th Century Fox) 2007
Rescue Dawn Rescue Dawn: (MGM) 2007
Superbad Superbad: (Sony) 2007
Ghosts of Cité Soleil Ghosts of Cité Soleil: (THINKFilm) 2007
Glue Glue: (Picture This!) 2007
I Am Cuba I Am Cuba: (Milestone Cinematheque) 2007
Killer of Sheep: The Charles Burnett Collection Killer of Sheep: The Charles Burnett Collection: (Milestone Cinematheque) 2007
Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection The Mickey Rooney & Judy Garland Collection: (Warner Home Video) 2007
Namesake The Namesake: (20th Century Fox) 2007
Never Get Busted Again Volume 1: Traffic Stops Never Get Busted Again Volume 1: Traffic Stops: (Disinformation) 2007
Viva Knievel Viva Knievel: (Warner Home Video) 2007
Waitress Waitress: (20th Century Fox) 2007
Gilmore Girls: Complete Series Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series: (Warner Home Video) 2007
Johnny Depp Johnny Depp: (Shout! Factory) 2007
Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live: (Universal) 2007
In the Land of Women In the Land of Women: (Warner Home Video) 2007
Hottest State The Hottest State: (THINKFilm) 2008
Once Once: (20th Century Fox) 2008
Shoot the Moon Shoot the Moon: (Warner) 2008
Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease: In the Bedroom Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease: In the Bedroom: (Paramount) 2008
Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease: Vegas Strip: (Paramount) 2008
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: (Warner) 2008
Obama Goes to Africa Senator Obama Goes to Africa: (First Run Features) 2008
It’s a Wonderful Life: 70th Anniversary Platinum Edition: 2016
108 Years in the making, Chicago Cubs World Series films now available!: 2016
From "Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" - Season Three (Miramax/El Rey Network): 2017
'Arrival' (Paramount): 2017
'Beavis and Butt-Head: The Complete Collection': 2017
I Knew It Was You: Rediscovering John Cazale: 2010
"The Truffle Hunters" Arrives on Digital, Blu-Ray and DVD on August 17: 2021
New on DVD: ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ tops weak week in DVDs: 2018
'Nocturnal Animals' (Universal Pictures Home Entertainment): 2017
The Godfather Trilogy: Omertà Edition: 2017
4K Ultra HD Holiday Gift Ideas: 2017
Daddy’s Home 2 is the perfect film to add to your Holiday movie DVD collection: 2018
Margaret: 22.13 2012
After Porn Ends: 22.15 2012
Billy Blanks Jr. Dance Party Boot Camp: 22.25 2013
Keep the Lights On: 23.1 2013
Django Unchained: 23.7 2013
Dr Who: The Snowmen: 23.10 2013
The Call: 23.11 2013
Erased: 23.13 2013
The Place Beyond the Pines: 23.14 2013
Olympus Has Fallen: 23.14 2013
The Life After Death Project: 23.15 2013
Oblivion: 23.15 2013
Scary Movie 5: 23.15 2013
Peeples: 23.16 2013
Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s: 23.16 2013
ThanksKilling 3: 23.20 2013
Carrie: 24.1 2014
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa: 24.2 2014