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Title Headline Issue Year
Understanding Your Chances of Winning Any Given Poker Hand: 2024
Understanding Your Chances of Winning Any Given Poker Hand: 2024
Aces in the Hole Aces in the Hole: Know When to Hold 'em and Fold 'em 2006
Balance with Pocket Aces Balance with Pocket Aces: Extracting from opponents wile not Getting Outdrwn 2006
Betting 101 Betting 101: Determining the Right Time to Raise 2006
Betting on Draws Betting on Draws: pot-Limit Omaha 2006
Calling on the Flop Calling on the Flop: A Weak Response or a Strong Move 2006
Calling Stations Call Stations: Don't Bluff the Line One 2006
Deep-Chip Tournaments Deep-Chip Touranments: 2006
Determining What Your Opponent Has Determining What Your Opponent Has: To See if you Have the Best Hand 2006
Exploiting Weaknesses Exploiting Weaknesses: Put Your Opponent in Position to Make a Big Mistake 2005
Getting Your Opponent to Bluff Getting Your Opponent to Bluff: The Second Sweetest Thing 2007
Holding Your Tongue Holding Your Tongue: To be Great, Players Must Resist the Urge to Call 2006
It's All About Style Of Play It's All About Style Of Play: Find the Table’s Image and Play Opposite 2006
Junk Hands Junk Handa: Learning How to Play Them 2006
K.Y.O K.Y.O: Keep Your Opponent 2006
Land Mines Land Mines: Adjusting Your Game for Play With Newbies 2006
Laying Down a Big Hand Laying Down a Big Hand: Folding When You Know You're Beaten 2007
Laying It Down Laying It Down: Knowing When to Fold 2006
Lessons From Las Vegas lessons From las Vegas: Tips for Power Poker 2006
Making Moves Making Moves: After The Flop 2005
Maximizing Value Maximizing Value: When Flopping the Stone-Cold Nuts 2006
Monster Saving Hands Monster Saving Hands: Playing With or Against A-K 2006
Physical Tells Physical Tells: Show You Everything You Need to Know 2006
Playing To Win Playing To Win: Having the Discipline to Fold 2006
Pocket Aces Pocket Aces: Best Played Heads-up, But Also a Great Trapping Hand 2006
Pocket Jacks Pocket Jacks: Knowing Where You Stand 2007
Pocket Pairs Pocket Pairs: Call, Don't Raise 2006
Pokers' Gus Hanson Says.... Pokers' Gus Hanson Says....: When You Flop a Big Hand, Bet Out 2006
Pot Odds Pot Odds: Determining if a Call is Correct 2007
Pulling Off a Bluff Pulling Off a Bluff: Raising on the Button 2006
Reading Your Cards Reading your Cards: The Importance of Examining Your Hand 2006
Reading Your Opponent Reading Your Opponent: Sometimes You Can Count on the Stereotypes 2007
Sit 'N' Go Sit 'N' Go: 2006
Slow-Playing a Big Hand Slow-Playing a Big Hand: Read The Board and Know When to Make a Move 2006
Table Image Table Image: Using it to Your Advantage 2006
The Art Of Bluffing The Art Of Bluffing: Knowing When to Bet on a Poor Hand is Key to Winning the Pot 2006
The Heart Of The Game The Heart Of The Game: Making Moves They’ll Never Expect 2006
Underscore Your Agressiveness Underscore Your Agressiveness: Sometimes Power Poker Isn't the Way to Go 2006
When Good Plays Go Bad When Good Plays Go Bad: Learning From the Mistakes of Poker Pros 2006
Winner Takes All Winner Takes All: The Secret to Making Big Calls 2006
Winning the Most Money Winning the Most Money: Maximizing the Value of Your Hand 2007
Your Head VS. Your Gut Your Head VS. Your Gut: Know When to Trust Your Instincts 2006