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(500) Days of Summer OC

Fox Searchlight Pictures, Nokia Theatre L.A. Live and Campus Circle invite you and a guest to an advance screening of (500) Days of Summer.

When you RSVP, upload a picture of you at your favorite L.A. hot spot to get tickets.

Thursday, July 9 @ 7:30 PM in Orange

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In Theaters July 17!

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Lisa wrote:
I like this movie. It was funny,and not sappy.Thanks.
Posted: 5:31pm | 7/12/2009

Cathi Decker wrote:
Cute movie... interesting editing. Not too much of a chick flick, so that was good.
Posted: 12:05am | 7/11/2009

Kelly Fechter wrote:
Way too funny...A twist that most movies don't explore...And the ending was the greatest!
Posted: 4:03pm | 7/10/2009

djcal wrote:
very good movie
Posted: 12:32pm | 7/10/2009

Tia wrote:
the movie is not a love story! is very funny! and I like the end!
Posted: 8:58am | 7/10/2009

theburiedlife wrote:
I really enjoyed this movie. It was sharp and funny, sad but with optimism. I really loved the music and it gave me an appreciation for LA. It was a more realistic look at love than all the rom coms out there. I would recommend this.
Posted: 8:55am | 7/10/2009

studley steve
studley steve wrote:
Movie was kinda slow, sic tunes though. Wouldn't reccommend it :-(
Posted: 8:43am | 7/10/2009

tinymatt wrote:
Definitely not a love story but a light hearted and fun movie to watch. -tinymatt-
Posted: 11:20pm | 7/9/2009

RJ wrote:
you rock!
Posted: 9:25pm | 6/29/2009

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote:
This movie is awesome - go see it! It is funny, sweet, quirky, romantic and also surprisingly moving. It's honest depiction of a relationship's untidy progress is so true that I've been relating the plot to my own life, more than once, since I saw it. It may have the same effect on you. Warning: By the end of this movie you'll probably end up crushing big-time on Joseph Gordon Levitt (sigh) even if you've never took notice of him before!
Posted: 5:55pm | 6/28/2009

Lisa wrote:
When I signed up,it didnt have a area to upload a pic. Unless you gonna change it later???????????
Posted: 5:02pm | 6/22/2009

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