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The Blind Side OC

Warner Bros. and Campus Circle invite you and a guest to an advance screening of The Blind Side.

Tuesday, November 17 @ 7:30 PM in Orange

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In Theaters November 20!

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Susan Reimer wrote:
Great movie. The actors and their characters were well thought out. It was a very touching movie in spots without being too mussy. I especially liked the Michael Orr character. Would highly recommend. Thanks
Posted: 10:44am | 11/20/2009

theriddles wrote:
Blind Side was a great movie, thanks Campus Circle for the screening. Sanda Bullock did a great job and I was surprised and pleased by Tim Mcgraw as her husband. The children were good and it was cool that it was based on a true movie. My wife and I both really enjoyed it. She was pleased that it was not a "football" movie but a great movie which was about a football player. It was neat to see the real character's pics as the credits rolled.
Posted: 11:21am | 11/19/2009

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote:
The Blindside is excellent for anyone who likes Sandra Bullock, football or would just like to be entertained and moved by an inspirational movie. I admit that everytime that Sandra's character got a little weepy, so did I. It's wholesome to be sure - a football movie without 4-letter words! Even Grandma will like it. My co-workers are anxious to see it this weekend and I told them that they won't be disappointed. Thank you Campus Circle for the the opportunity to see this fine movie!
Posted: 8:40pm | 11/18/2009

hglrcn23 wrote:
Posted: 4:00pm | 11/18/2009

tljones wrote:
Just loved the movie. Sandra Bullock was amazing as well as all the other cast members. Would highly recommend this movie.
Posted: 1:43pm | 11/18/2009

hourglas39 wrote:
I saw this movie last night in Orange. It was Excellent ! Sandra Bullock performance in this movie was excellent ! I loved this movie. Take some Tissue with you for sure !
Posted: 12:34pm | 11/18/2009

LOLGuy wrote:
Wekk I had very jhigh hopes for this movie cause ive been waiting for it for a long time. Awesome movie! Incredibly moving and real. Awesome job by the director and cast and very uplifting since it is based on true events. Thanks Sean!
Posted: 12:00pm | 11/18/2009

BigD wrote:
Thanks Campus Circle and thanks Sean. This is a great inspirational movie and incredibly funny. Sandy did a great job and looks amazing. A must see for the whole family!
Posted: 11:58am | 11/18/2009

n2rockk wrote:
Great movie. Very inspiring and heart warming. Sandrea Bullock was a little bit too tanned though. Thanks for the screening CC.
Posted: 11:48am | 11/18/2009

alicia wrote:
The movie was excellent.... I am would see it again and when it comes out on dvd I will buy it........
Posted: 11:40am | 11/18/2009

MissDesirae wrote:
I RSVPed almost a week ago now and haven't gotten anything in my email.
Posted: 3:04am | 11/16/2009

greensam88 wrote:
i think i rsvped but still haven't recieved my e-mail confirmation yet.
Posted: 4:31pm | 11/12/2009

salsakid wrote:
hi there
Posted: 11:20am | 11/11/2009

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