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G.I. Joe

Campus Circle invites you to enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of G.I. Joe.

Thursday, August 6 at 7:30 PM in L.A.

G.I. Joe Website
In Theaters August 7!

This RSVP is now closed.
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SiLverBuLLet wrote:
No ticket for me yet.... Did they already draw it?
Posted: 2:31pm | 8/5/2009

BlueAngel wrote:
Another one I'm sooooo excited about! I hope I win passes to this one! Please, Sean!!! Thanks! :D
Posted: 12:28am | 8/5/2009

carpz wrote:
Did film metro sight crash cause it did work for me and then all the GI Joe tickets were sold out with in seconds. Hope I get better luck here even though I havent been able to get any tickets for a long time.
Posted: 10:57pm | 8/4/2009

rViLl wrote:
Did anyone get their passes yet, I haven't gotten them either? Nooooo...I soo wanted to see this movie...
Posted: 10:53am | 8/4/2009

darkside wrote:
Has anyone gotten passes yet? cuz i haven't. if someone got passes but can't make it to the G.I. Joe screening, please I would love to put them to use cuz unfortunatley i haven't got em yet and i have a bad feeling i won't. so can someone please help me out? here's my e-mail address: Thank you for you're time. Peace
Posted: 5:30pm | 8/3/2009

salsakid wrote:
Oh Please good morning Sean I as well as the Transformers grew up watching the cartoons of GI.JOE.please tickets<<
Posted: 7:25am | 8/1/2009

rViLl wrote:
When will the drawing for the tix take place??!! I wanna know if I'll have tickets!...No pressure though.
Posted: 10:56pm | 7/31/2009

darkside wrote:
This is gonna be awesome!!! Pretty stoked for this movie!!!
Posted: 9:22pm | 7/31/2009

TheJacen wrote:
I Want To See This Movie SOOOOOOO BAD!!!! I think it is going to be so good I will have to see it twice!
Posted: 4:01pm | 7/31/2009

PJ wrote:
you'll get the full event info when u win the free pass via e-mail.
Posted: 10:46pm | 7/30/2009

samnunez795 wrote:
OMG I'm so excited!!!!
Posted: 4:00pm | 7/30/2009

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