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Gentlemen Broncos

Fox Searchlight Pictures and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of Gentlemen Broncos:

Wednesday, October 28 @ 7:30 PM in Hollywood

Official Website
Opens Exclusively at ArcLight Hollywood October 30!

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borracho wrote:
Um, did we watch the same movie? This was the worst film I've seen in theaters this year easily. Granted, I really enjoyed Jermaine coming out to introduce it in character as he was great throughout and as always he is hilarious, but this movie was extremely uneven and sloppy. Well, at least it was free... PROS: Acting and some scenes in the reel world CONS: Trying to be indie/quirky, any thing to do with sci-fi story 1.5 of 5 stars
Posted: 3:21pm | 11/2/2009

amsi hurtado wrote:
Thank you campus cirlcle for the ticket. I really enjoy the movie. It didn't have awsome effects but that's wat made gentlement bronco unique.
Posted: 1:30pm | 10/31/2009

rudie86 wrote:
i liked the movie alot... just when i thought it was slowing down... it surprised me with intense laughter... i also like the ending... not to chezzy and not over the top...
Posted: 11:37am | 10/30/2009 wrote:
Wow that was a great time, me and my guest we're dying of laughter! Dr. Ronald Chevalier's appearance was classic! If I had to nail down the funniest part in two words, "Surveillance does"!
Posted: 1:42am | 10/30/2009

rob wrote:
Posted: 11:31pm | 10/29/2009

inspiredbychaos wrote:
Thanks for the tickets! The movie was super funny- still trying to process the whole thing!
Posted: 3:16pm | 10/29/2009

ADKmdk187 wrote:
Thanks Sean for the tixs for Gentlemen Broncos last night. The movie was fricken funny as hell. It was original and out there (two things I love in movies). It was cool when Jemaine came out as Dr. Ronald Chevalier and introduced the movie. It was perfect. Can't wait to take my friends to go see this. I will prob see it a couple of more time.
Posted: 12:19pm | 10/29/2009

Michael McClain wrote:
the movie was hilarious, and the screening was made even better by the surprise appearance of jemaine to introduce the film in character!! my friends and i were bragging about it for the rest of the night. definitely the weirdest movie i've ever seen, but that doesn't mean it didn't have it's moments.
Posted: 11:53am | 10/29/2009

Walter Valladares wrote:
thanks campus circle for the tickets, movie was nothing i have ever seen before, great comedy and originality
Posted: 10:58am | 10/29/2009 wrote:
Great screening tonight for Gentlemen Broncos. Everyone got in for this terrific film. Go see it. And, if you were at the screening this evening, let us know your thoughts. Sign in and post your comments at
Posted: 10:17pm | 10/28/2009 wrote:
thankz 4 the tixz ok ill b there this weds ok in my #7 odom laker jersey ok thankz sean and the rest of the campus circle crew ok.
Posted: 2:24pm | 10/26/2009

Walter Valladares wrote:
i love napoleon i love nacho, cant wait to see what they came up this time
Posted: 5:15pm | 10/19/2009

Mushroom wrote:
i love Jemaine Clement!! his voice is so funny in this movie <33
Posted: 4:30pm | 10/17/2009

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