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Hall Pass OC

Campus Circle and Hooters invite you to enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of Hall Pass in Orange:

Thursday, February 24 @ 7:30 PM

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In Theaters February 25!

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Member Comments (7)

odajennys wrote:
It was really gross and funny, but seemed episodic, didn't flow too well. :(
Posted: 3:41pm | 2/26/2011

Jason bumanglag wrote:
The movie was pretty funny. I was surprised as to how funny it really was because I thought it was just gonna be anther comedy. It wasn't spoiled by any of the trailers. It was actually better that they showed part of the movie each time in the trailer because when the part came up they used it as though you knew it already and make the scene even funnier.
Posted: 6:34pm | 2/25/2011

albertbrolly wrote:
I hate when guy comedies turn all corny in the end, "Hall Pass" was one of those movies.
Posted: 12:22pm | 2/25/2011

Alan Kung wrote:
Very funny movie. I definitely recommend this movie if you want a good laugh. Make sure to wait for the ending. Thanks Campus Circle!
Posted: 11:00am | 2/25/2011

Dee wrote:
I screamed, laughed, oopsied all the way through the movie. Shocked and then realized this really happens. All in all, it was a good interpretation.
Posted: 10:41am | 2/25/2011

nvr2old wrote:
Thanks for the passes for last night showing, I went in thinking that itwould be your run of the mill comedy but boy was I wrong not since the Hangover. There are parts of this movie that you will talking about when you leave the theather and the next day at work when you tell you co-workers how funny it is. So once again thanks Campus Circle
Posted: 10:25am | 2/25/2011

khuong nguyen wrote:
the movie was fantastic. Most of the scenes were very funny and hilarious. I couldn't find a scene that was bad. In the end i loved the movie and I will recommend my friend to watch it opening night tonight. Thank you for the passes.
Posted: 10:22am | 2/25/2011

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