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I Am Number Four LA

DreamWorks Studios and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of I Am Number Four in Burbank:

Thursday, February 17 @ 7:30 PM

Official Website
In Theaters February 18!

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Member Comments (7)

Sabrina wrote:
The movie was great! Although it didn't have the best dialogue (meaning there was some corny lines), the movie was really fun and action-packed. The supporting characters were pretty cool and badass especially Number Six played by Teresa Palmer. I've watched some other films that Teresa Palmer is in and she is definitely the bomb. Thanks for the opportunity! And can't wait for the second film!
Posted: 10:26pm | 2/22/2011

mo420 wrote:
Went with my sister and we always laugh at stupid love scenes that are overdone and stupid lines that should have not been written. But overall we did enjoy the movie. The action scenes and special effects were our favorites. We are looking forward to the sequel although we were not expecting a sequel and were waiting the whole time for #5-#9 but thank god #6 did show up....LOL!!!!!!
Posted: 4:49pm | 2/18/2011

kiza1010 wrote:
awesome movie, i didnt want it to end! now i gotta wait for part 2
Posted: 11:58am | 2/18/2011

Zchmhssn89 wrote:
The movie could have been really good, but poor acting in parts and bad writing left me wanting more. It had its good moments though, a Michael Bay production always has good action.
Posted: 11:36am | 2/18/2011

whatever wrote:
MY FRIENDS AND I WALKED OUT. Worst movie I have ever seen in my life.
Posted: 11:22am | 2/18/2011 wrote:
Enjoyed the movie but dying to see more of it! I thought within the 110 minutes we would see all 9 chosen people.. but I guess thats what part 2-4 is for
Posted: 10:32am | 2/18/2011

Jense107 wrote:
The movie was good I just hope part 2 comes out soon... I hate it when they leave you hanging! But all in all it was a good movie. THANK YOU FOR THE TICKETS!!!!!
Posted: 4:40pm | 2/17/2011

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