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I Am Number Four OC

DreamWorks Studios and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of I Am Number Four in Irvine:

Wednesday, February 16 @ 7:30 PM

Official Website
In Theaters February 18!

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Member Comments (8)

Bender wrote:
Good fun! It was neat seeing Kevin Durand [the actor who played Joshua on Dark Angel] playing one of the aliens! Looking forward to the sequel [someone near me in the theatre commented they used their smartphone to discover that "The Power of Six" is apparently the title of the sequel, already in production. yay!]
Posted: 4:18pm | 2/19/2011

suli80 wrote:
i thought the movie was good. not the best story line, and a little predictable, but very entertaining.
Posted: 5:01pm | 2/18/2011

GenxBear wrote:
I loved this movie! Great action throughout the movie, and lots of destruction and general mayhem! Anyone that is into sci fi action movies will love this movie. Im probably going to go and watch it again! Thanks Campus Circle! You guys rock!
Posted: 3:15pm | 2/17/2011

commongoal wrote:
My child loved this movie! She wants to watch it this weekend with Friends....again! Thanks for the movie!
Posted: 2:46pm | 2/17/2011

odajennys wrote:
Loved the action at the end. The sidekicks were the best! "I play a lot of Xbox" was the best line.
Posted: 2:42pm | 2/17/2011

Thanks, for the I Am Number Four screening last night. Great movie and had a good story line, but seemed more for teens. If you like destruction of your school tipe off movie like "the faculty" and the romance like "twilight" and last the action and the romance like Dragon Ball Z". I recommend to GO see THIS movie.
Posted: 2:32pm | 2/17/2011

wcasar wrote:
My boyfriend and I liked the movie. It was full of action and had a decent story line. I would recommend it to others to see the movie on the big screen to experience the film.
Posted: 12:56pm | 2/17/2011

MrTiep wrote:
Great movie, plenty of action and plenty of eye candy.
Posted: 12:54pm | 2/17/2011

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