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Jennifer's Body Premiere

20th Century Fox and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for 2 to the World Premiere of Jennifer's Body:

Wednesday, September 16 @ 7:30 PM in Hollywood

Official Website
In Theaters September 18!

This RSVP is now closed.
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lala wrote:
Scratch out my previous comment. Thanks a lot for the tickets to the premiere yesterday!
Posted: 5:25pm | 9/17/2009

EISSEY4 wrote:
I just got my email confirmation today, I'm so excited! Thank you Campus Circle =D
Posted: 11:30am | 9/16/2009

alexcuse wrote:
Thanks for the tix to Jennifer's Body! Btw, has anyone ever been to a premiere at the Gruman's? Capacity says 1152 but how many seats are reserved for cast/crew/VIP. Just wondering if I will need to be in the first 800 in line or first 600 or first 400 etc. to have a chance on making it into the theater without being turned away? Thanks!
Posted: 11:27am | 9/16/2009

ADKmdk187 wrote:
Hey Sean, thanks for the tixs to see Jennifer's Body tonight at Grauman's. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. Going to try to be the 1st person in line (like always) cause I know there are going to be alot of people there tonight. See you there, Sean.
Posted: 10:13am | 9/16/2009

call_me_e wrote:
Totally bummed about not getting tickets to this premiere! Been looking forward to it for awhile and it would have been an awesome present for my friend! If anyone still has tickets they don't want, I'd be morethan willing to take them off your hands! Thanks Sean for all the great opportunities!!!
Posted: 10:00am | 9/16/2009

111112222333 wrote:
Which theater is Jennifer's Body premiere going to be at?
Posted: 12:35am | 9/16/2009

Recklesskitten wrote:
I got an e-mail today, thank you campus circle for the tix to the Premiere to Jennifer's Body. Won didn't think I was going to win tix to a premiere.
Posted: 11:16pm | 9/15/2009

lala wrote:
Hmm entries are closed and I haven't received a message, guess I didn't win... my son is going to be disappointed, hopefully next time. Thanks anyway.
Posted: 5:42pm | 9/15/2009

mercy_ricky12 wrote: dieying to see this movie i really want tickets for this movie
Posted: 4:59pm | 9/15/2009

kobe4mvp wrote:
hey sean. thanks for all the screenings. When will you have the drawing for Jennifer's Body premiere tix? I haven't won any tix from you.
Posted: 12:00pm | 9/14/2009

thewronggirl wrote:
I'd love to win tickets to this premiere, but either way, thanks for the opportunities. This is the best place for them. You're all awesome!
Posted: 2:58pm | 9/10/2009

Mickey27 wrote:
A Premiere sounds like fun. Hope I can go to my first Premiere.
Posted: 2:40pm | 9/5/2009

samnunez795 wrote:
sweet! this is gonna be a fun flick!!!
Posted: 11:48pm | 9/4/2009

salsakid wrote:
Hi there Sean and Campus Circle Staff.thanks for the screening of Extract was funny..yeah please send me some passes for this movie looks like a sexy sexy and sexy thriller
Posted: 8:19am | 9/4/2009

jumpman2429 wrote:
Hey Sean, thanks for all the hard work that you put into making these screenings available to us. I LOVE Megan Fox and have watched the commercials for this movie and it looks pretty good so far from what i have see. Would LOVE to get passes for this movie, so if you could PLEASE send some over my way. Thank You and thanks once again for all your hard work = ) -Justin Ugale
Posted: 6:15am | 9/4/2009

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