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Land of the Lost OC

Universal Pictures and Campus Circle invites you to "Get Lost In Los Angeles" and win passes to see Land Of The Lost! 

Do you love LA? Universal Pictures invites you to spend some time checking out the famous sites around Los Angeles this month. E-mail a picture of you at your favorite Los Angeles site for a chance to win passes to see LAND OF THE LOST. 

In addition, one lucky winner who submits the picture that takes us the farthest back in time will receive guaranteed VIP seating at the LAND OF THE LOST screening and a prize pack with T-shirt, hat and much more!.

Thursday, June 4 @ 7:30 PM in Orange

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In Theaters June 5!

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LittleBoyBlue wrote:
Will, what were you thinking? Slow, stupid and way too random for even my little ADD brain to enjoyably follow. Chorus Line? I watched when you took your first dance steps 20 years ago; Mrs. Crocket would not be pleased.
Posted: 2:52pm | 6/11/2009

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote:
It is mindless fun and I enjoyed it but it could have been even better. It felt like they weren't sure which direction to take. A family-adventure with a modern take on the original TV show. Or an R-rated spoof w/all the kitsch and low budget goofiness of the TV show taken to extremes. It is PG-13 and a weaker, mashed up version of both of those. I think Danny McBride (Will) stole the movie.
Posted: 5:31pm | 6/6/2009

Lisa wrote:
Not as funny as I thought it would be. Not for kids,thats for sure. Thanks for the pass.
Posted: 3:35pm | 6/5/2009

movielover wrote:
Still want theatre experience for this movie $6 is ok. Liked the movie. Specially the give aways(posters, character,glasses and keychains) were good.
Posted: 10:56am | 6/5/2009

movielover wrote:
Funny movie and Corny! NOT FOR KIDS and waste of money ($6 is ok) to buy a ticket for this movie.
Posted: 10:51am | 6/5/2009

n2rockk wrote:
I was disappointed in The Land of The Lost. I wanted it to be more like the series, but funnier. I love Will Ferrell, just not in this movie. Thank you Campus Circle, you saved me from waisting $8.00 for a movie ticket.
Posted: 9:20am | 6/5/2009

RudyM wrote:
I really liked it. My kids watched it way back when and it was a lot more corny then. Will Farrell is a lot funnier when he doesn't try to be. Definitely not for little ones.
Posted: 5:58am | 6/5/2009

MzShanon wrote:
The movie was funny but I had higher expectations for it. I was surprised by the crowd turn out and the number of kids that went! Parents should be ashamed this movie is definitely not for kids! Although i enjoyed the movie i also thought the jokes were corny and would probably have never paid money to see it in the theaters.
Posted: 2:00am | 6/5/2009

moviekatt wrote:
the screening last night held MORE than a full house... the movie was entertaining with ferrell having his usual quips/way of talking/goofiness in acting. I do have to wonder, why there were SOOOO many kids at this movie; as another comment said, this movie is NOT for your kids to watch. There are many sexual innuendos, which many kids will not pick up right away, but I highly doubt a pair of boobs for cup is something you'd want to them to see. Entertaining, definitely has it's funny moments, just leave it to the 18 and over...
Posted: 1:06am | 6/5/2009

greensam88 wrote:
the movie was good. a bit corny but plenty of laughs.
Posted: 11:12pm | 6/4/2009

cy_assets wrote:
Loved it and you will too, if you enjoyed the TV show. Another Will Farell classic, but it is NOT for kids. Leave the kids at home and laugh your ass off!
Posted: 11:07pm | 6/4/2009

david moore wrote:
LOVED IT! Lots of fun and as cheesy as the series I used to watch on Saturday mornings. Will Farrell did a great job.
Posted: 10:36pm | 6/4/2009

Jeffrey Harlan wrote:
I RSVP'd and never got an email either. And the movie's supposed to start in 4 hours...
Posted: 3:25pm | 6/4/2009

sablehalloway wrote:
I don't know why I didnt get a conformation e-mail and neither did my sister. Anyone have extra or can help?
Posted: 11:51am | 6/4/2009

sablehalloway wrote:
I RSVPed and never got an e-mail?
Posted: 11:48am | 6/4/2009

Fabby wrote:
Oh.. sorry the one in OC.. my other email. i just updated it from my account. But i know the movie its tomorrow.. i dont want to miss it. thank you, thank you again.
Posted: 10:53am | 6/2/2009

Fabby wrote:
Hello Sean. I received my confirmation on The Land of the Lost and for some reason I am looked out of my Msn/ registered email. Can you please email me my confirmation again to my other email, please?? Thanks in advance.. Fabby
Posted: 10:50am | 6/2/2009

Alexandra wrote:
Hello All. I can not wait for this movie.. I love Will Ferrell !!!!!
Posted: 9:34pm | 6/1/2009

Lisa wrote:
I got my pass a few days ago.
Posted: 3:58pm | 6/1/2009

George wrote:
Has anyone who RSVP'd for Land of the Lost received their tickets yet????
Posted: 6:00pm | 5/29/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote:
F5 is the refresh button for your web browser.
Posted: 9:31am | 5/24/2009

Lynn420 wrote:
I know I'm giving my age away but I used to watch this as a kid but cant really remember too much. I remember the opening where the rv/bus oh I don't remember now but yeah that and chaka. My cousin called me that for a minute. On a side note what up with the lame f5's?
Posted: 1:57am | 5/15/2009

Anthony Garcia wrote:
I grew up with Land of the Lost. There was a guy in school we used to call Chaka.
Posted: 4:35am | 5/10/2009

Back of the Line
Back of the Line wrote:
I hit F5 and my computer expl.........
Posted: 11:42pm | 5/8/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote:
f5, f5, f5, f5, f5, f5
Posted: 12:34pm | 5/7/2009

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