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Ninja Assassin OC

Warner Bros. and Campus Circle invite you and a guest to an advance screening of Ninja Assassin.

Monday, November 23 @ 7:30 PM in Orange County

Official Website
In Theaters November 25!

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General Disarray
General Disarray wrote:
I admit that I'm not really into uber-violent films but I enjoyed Ninja Assasin (even though I had to look away a few times). Warning: there are gallons of blood flying across the screen, not to mention many severed body parts plus a lot of bloody wounds and scars. There are also scenes of children being tortured and this movie is definately NOT suitable for kids even though little kids were at this screening. Rain was certainly charismatic as the main character. And there are even a few one-liners thrown in to good effect - the "boy-band" comment was really funny. Thank you again Campus Circle and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Posted: 8:15pm | 11/24/2009

miraj_d wrote:
good movie. good action and not a dull moment. we enjoyed it. thank you.
Posted: 11:18am | 11/24/2009

Nelson wrote:
If you love action movies you must see this movie. The slow motion in the sword fighting reminds me of the movie "300".
Posted: 2:54am | 11/24/2009

chrisxacosta wrote:
out of the last 6 screenings ive been too, ive only gotten in to 1. you guys need to start checking ids and passes. cause i show up 3 hrs early just to get in and i still dont. how is that possible to began with. holding ones place in line or letting them cut is not fair to those who make the effort to show up early and follow instructions.
Posted: 12:08am | 11/24/2009

hourglas39 wrote:
Your welcome Serious Business. Anytime. Glad you were able to get passes for OC :) None of my friends want to go now, I guess it's a "chick" thing with them changing their mind. LOL I may still go though.
Posted: 12:38pm | 11/21/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote:
thanks for the offer, but luckily i saw sean's twitter post and got in just in time for the rsvp for here. see you on monday!
Posted: 3:39pm | 11/20/2009

maceo d kat
maceo d kat wrote:
i would trade my hollywood passes from gofobo for the oc screening any day.... man i h8 going in to LA
Posted: 2:11pm | 11/19/2009

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