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Saint John of Las Vegas LA

IndieVest Pictures and Campus Circle invite you and a guest to an advance screening of Saint John of Las Vegas.

Wednesday, Jan. 27 @ 7:30 PM in West Hollywood

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In Select Theaters January 29!

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Monique Elisabeth wrote:
Check out my review @
Posted: 10:28am | 1/29/2010

rudie86 wrote:
i liked it... it was pretty cool... it had its funny moments... i just didn't like the ending cuz it left you thinking if he had won or not.. but overall it was good
Posted: 6:30pm | 1/28/2010

spencerdouglas wrote:
This was better than I thought it was going to be. off-beat with quirky characters, the laughs were not because of a punch line as much as how ludicrous the events and characters were. I like that it all came together at the end without dragging out. Peter Dinklage, Sarah Silverman, and Romany Malco were all great supporting characters, and Steve Buscemi hasn't give a bad performance in his life, that I can think of. I'm still picturing smiley faces everywhere!!
Posted: 11:46am | 1/28/2010

Louie Alvarez wrote:
Ok so, What the hell was THAT about? I like the existentialism but seriously American movies should be more cut and paste if you want them to make money. It's sad but true. Steve Buscemi is the best but c'mooooon!!! WTF mates? Just being able to see him and Sarah Awesoman in a movie is cool but there's no way this will be a cult classic or a successful movie because Americans need their movies to be more obvious. And the ending: I could just see the writer of the script deciding "SO then he says It was when I realized I didn't need luck anymore that I became the luckiest man in the world -- long pause -- YEAH!! it'll be epic." Freakin hack!! I loved the movie THO really I did. I just don't think it's for Americans. It's for the French.
Posted: 8:45am | 1/28/2010

Tami wrote:
the movie was a disappointment... what happened to the punch lines??
Posted: 7:03am | 1/28/2010

saint john of las vegas
saint john of las vegas wrote:
The beginning of the movie was a lot more interesting rather then the end. Beginning gave a promise of interesting start: a single man bound to either win or loose life of a chance in vegas. However, as the movie developed, so as the plot. I think, the movie overall was interesting but not as the movie to leave the theater thinking about the movie or with an great admiration. Overall, movie was ok, and the end was more left to an audience to understand as to really happens. I was actually puzzled. I liked seeing it for free, but wouldn't recommend it to friends. And thank you for giving us the opportunity to see it for free!
Posted: 1:30am | 1/28/2010

lizzy33 wrote:
I loved it! Cute story, great cast and lots of fun! Took a friend, and he enjoyed it as well. Sorry I missed the Q&A - did not realize it was happening. Intro should have said that, even though I probably should have already known to stick around. Thanks!
Posted: 1:00am | 1/28/2010

The Blind Side
The Blind Side wrote:
For me, tonight was a wasted night. The movie was stupid, confusing and hardly funny. Thankfully we didn't have to pay to see this crap. But, unfortunately, I could've found much better things to do with my time.
Posted: 12:25am | 1/28/2010

Thibault Turcas wrote:
Despite its slow-paced aspect and its (sometimes) lack of editing genius, the movie was a great proof that slow comedies -- the ones which are not trying to make a joke every 2 minutes -- can be amazing. It is completely awkward and "different", and it works great that way. The cast does something really rare (especially Romany Malco, incredible) and the story works very well.
Posted: 11:56pm | 1/27/2010

kisssmee wrote:
Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the screening!
Posted: 11:32pm | 1/27/2010

xxsunshine87xx wrote:
Good movie and I really like Steve Buscemi in it...The character was just right for him.
Posted: 11:14pm | 1/27/2010

backinbrooklyn wrote:
great evening - brought a friend & we really enjoyed the film & the q&a with the director
Posted: 11:06pm | 1/27/2010

yeti wrote:
Really great indie flick! Interesting story, great characters and script, with a good amount of quirky thrown in. Will defiantly be recommending this film. Really good casting too - some of my favorite actors. Thanks CC!
Posted: 10:50pm | 1/27/2010

9inchnails wrote:
I love Steve Buscemi!!! Can't wait..please may I have tix!!!
Posted: 1:07pm | 1/15/2010

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