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Saint John of Las Vegas NY

IndieVest Pictures invites you and a guest to an advance screening of Saint John of Las Vegas.

Wednesday, January 27 @ 7:30 PM in New York

*There will be a Q&A with director Hue Rhodes immediately following the screening.

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In Select Theaters January 29!

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Member Comments (9)

hornbeck76 wrote:
The film was not what I expected (and the commercial on TV is kind of misleading---it makes it look like a wacky Vegas comedy). It's slower-paced, and unusual, with its own style (which I think may put some people off), but NOT just "indie-wacky" for its own sake. You have to stay with it for awhile, but it's a good first effort.
Posted: 1:01pm | 2/3/2010

Anthony McNally wrote:
I would leave a review if I were allowed to view it. I showed up before 7 only to find out that all of the seats for the 7:30 screening were filled.
Posted: 4:26pm | 1/28/2010

madeline wisnowski wrote:
I found "Saint John of las Vegas" to be impeccably cast and moved at a perfect pace. There were no dragging moments and it was wildly entertaining. I highly recommend it!
Posted: 7:52am | 1/28/2010 wrote:
Wow, you NYC moviegoers are pretty savvy. Sprnstn84 submitted a video review from his subway ride home. And, MisterKool has been around the block for some time. Amos, MisterKool is right, you have to get to the screenings a lot earlier than 30 minutes before the start of the film. However, I should have been more tactful in my email. My apologies. Give the screenings another shot but aim to be there 90 minutes before the start of the film to give yourself a better chance of getting in.
Posted: 11:21pm | 1/27/2010

sprnstn84 wrote:
Here is my Video review. Hope you like it.--The Freditor
Posted: 10:58pm | 1/27/2010

MisterKool wrote:
With all due respect Amos Tuttle, you cannot arrive at a free movie screening in New York City 30 minutes before show time and expect to get in. Statistically this is not feasible. To better your chances, next time arrive at least an hour and a half to two hours before showtime ( of a free screening ) depending on the popularity of the film. Part of the fun is chatting with the other movies fans and in this instance it was the best part of this event lol. Sorry you didnt get in, if youve read my little review you didnt miss a thing lol
Posted: 10:46pm | 1/27/2010

MisterKool wrote:
Although I admire all the actors that starred in this film and applaud their efforts , I must say that it wasn't very good. The films poster was totally misleading, alluding action where there was none. The film had an irrelevant and weak plot with only a few moments of slight comic relief. It boringly unraveled and fizzled to an unsatisfying end. I really hate to give a film bad reviews but this film deserved it “they” should have put way more thought and work into this production. I give it half a star.
Posted: 10:32pm | 1/27/2010

Amos Tuttle wrote:
I was highly dismayed to be turned away. I arrived at the theater at 7 PM, 30 minutes before showtime. Yet we were told (by a loud, hostile usher) that the film already seated nearly a half hour prior. I get the concept of overbooking: to ensure that every seat is filled. But I was in line with other passholders, some of whom waited for 10 minutes or more, without being informed of the filling. There were enough of us to seat half the auditorium, making for many unhappy users, and quite an overdistribution of tickets. No one associated with the film or CC stayed in the lobby to inform us; instead, we were berated by an Angelika employee. Granted, this was free. Nothing was lost beyond my night's plans. But I don't appreciate how I was treated, nor how this was organized. Hopefully if I attempt another CC event, better consideration will be given. And if I'm denied again, maybe the follow-up email can be a tad more gracious than "Sorry, but the movie's playing on Friday anyway!"
Posted: 10:26pm | 1/27/2010

PRivera1 wrote:
It was unique, really good. My guest and I enjoyed it.
Posted: 8:25pm | 1/27/2010

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