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Take Me Home Tonight

Relativity Media and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win 2 tickets to the Premiere of Take Me Home Tonight:

Wednesday, March 2 @ 7:30 PM in Downtown L.A.

Official Website
In Theaters March 4!

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V_Inc. wrote:
Didn't realize this was the LA premiere. I appreciated the free foam hands they gave to those who got in line EXTRA EARLY (as the email pass says). Too bad we were not able to get photos/autographs of the stars b/c we were across the street behind them as we waited in the cold, rainy weather until they finally let us in around 7PM. Movie itself was "Superbad".The comedy and drama were well balanced. I thought the comedy would be over-the-top. Kudos to CC!
Posted: 5:28pm | 3/3/2011

Johann Lorenzen wrote:
I don't comment on many movies but I have to say this portrayal of an 80'S party plays well for anyone who was alive at the time and high school or college age. The characters are very Relatable and who dosn't remember thier High school CRUSH, and tha 60's party that WAS the social network at the time. Very well crafted film with lots of charater to identify with. Hats off to the pioneers who finnaly made a relatable film about the sooo important 80"s. My girlfriend and I enjoyed the film imensly. Thank you campus circle!!
Posted: 4:19pm | 3/3/2011

Sabrina wrote:
THANK YOU SO MUCH CAMPUS CIRCLE. I got there about 45 minutes early and I already was sitting on the second level. It was so packed yesterday night! The movie was a lot of fun especially since all the main actors were there sitting in the audience. I enjoyed the movie as there were some really funny parts and the it didn't try to hard to be the next best teen rom-com as so many others do. I would have very much appreciated if we could get tickets to the after party too though! Some of my friends did and can I say I'm slightly depressed now.
Posted: 1:25pm | 3/3/2011

Miroslav Derevjanko wrote:
so not cool you guys! same situation, rain, standing, huge disappointment !:(((
Posted: 12:09pm | 3/3/2011

NgiNeThemba wrote:
hilarious movie! i heart the 80s!
Posted: 11:56am | 3/3/2011

happyharry wrote:
really wanted to see it but couldn't get in after standing in the rain. too bad. perhaps those that couldn't get in can be put on a special list to go in first to the next special screening? thanks and have a good day.
Posted: 11:41am | 3/3/2011

Francisco Murguia wrote:
A great movie. Loved IT
Posted: 11:05am | 3/3/2011

Matthew Gowan wrote:
Definitely loved being turned away for the second movie i've tried to go see through campus circle
Posted: 11:03am | 3/3/2011 wrote:
agree with the other poster - drove in traffic, already sick, stood in the rain forever only to be told i couldnt get in! not cool campus circle
Posted: 11:00am | 3/3/2011

babyeggplant wrote:
This was a pretty good movie...very funny!
Posted: 10:57am | 3/3/2011

michael walsh wrote:
So here was my for a hour. Pay 15 bucks to park. Wait TWO HOURS in the rain. Get used to cheer for the cast of Take me home tonight. Told that me and a lot of other people despite having tickets would not be going in SOME PRIZE
Posted: 10:52am | 3/3/2011

gbuster wrote:
this movie was awesome loved definitely going to tell everyone to go see it
Posted: 10:51am | 3/3/2011

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