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Taking Woodstock OC

Focus Features and Campus Circle invite you and a guest to an advance screening of Taking Woodstock.

Wednesday, August 26 @ 7:30 PM in O.C.

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In Select Theaters August 26!

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5683HUGGS wrote:
What a major disappointment. Check out woodstock now and then. Picture woodstock with no music. The director of brokeback mountain tells you what your about see on the big screen. I wasn't ready for that. See Woodstock now and then. This movie sucks.
Posted: 12:11pm | 9/5/2009

General Disarray
General Disarray wrote:
Having recently seen an interesting Woodstock documentary on VH1, I was really looking forward to seeing this. Thank you Campus Circle! It started pretty well but soon I just wanted to get away from the uninteresting main character get to the concert. No such luck. Instead of focusing on the charismatic Lang (Wow!) or even the amusing Yasgur (Eugene Levy, great as always) we are stuck with Eliot, his run-down motel and his offensive mother! And the music? Almost non-existent. I did recognize a few bars from the Doors and Blind Faith, but they weren't even at Woodstock! Every 1960's movie cliche is thrown in too - crazed Vietnam vet, psychedelic LSD trip effects, etc). Ack! Pass the chocolate milk Max, I need a drink!
Posted: 5:51pm | 8/29/2009

Lisa wrote:
Cool movie,I liked the different point of view from the family.
Posted: 3:34pm | 8/28/2009

Susan Murray wrote:
One thing (which may or may not be true) that was funny was when Michael Lang said his next concert would be Altamont...funny because that was sort of the opposite effect of the Woodstock festival
Posted: 1:04am | 8/28/2009

Susan Murray wrote:
It was more about the town and less about the Woodstock concerts
Posted: 1:00am | 8/28/2009

Susan Murray wrote:
It was more about the town and less about the Woodstock concerts
Posted: 1:00am | 8/28/2009

sdm6061 wrote:
It was good as long as you know it was about the guy with the festival permit and not much focus on the actual festival...also acording to Rolling Stone review, not technically accurate. The mom reminded me (in looks) of the mom in Sybil...good for the historical feel of the 60's...for some reason what stood out for me was Michael Lange riding (often)on a white horse, while everyone else was mud spattered. A metaphor perhaps?
Posted: 8:02pm | 8/27/2009

WilliamDeVille wrote:
A good weekend DVD film to watch with the spouse or friends. Overall a decent film, I'm glad I was able to attend the pre-screening.
Posted: 6:49pm | 8/27/2009

jacquiekakiki wrote:
The Taking of Woodstock was Surprisingly 'laugh out loud' Funny! I was apprehensive prior to attending the screening, but am Very happy I did. I was a baby during Woodstock, so didn’t think I’d find it very interesting, buy was I wrong! I highly recommend this movie to adults, 18 and up! Entertaining!
Posted: 4:33pm | 8/27/2009

maryumi wrote:
Cool story about love and finding yourself. Definitely would of been cool to live in the 60's and be a part of the scene. I'm a big fan of music and love festivals. Just wish there was some actual footage of the music and it would have been perfect.
Posted: 4:12pm | 8/27/2009

Recklesskitten wrote:
Taking Woodstock was nice, groovy, kinda funny but little music from the concert itself is heard. Thank you campus circle for giving me the opportunity to watch it.
Posted: 3:20pm | 8/27/2009

filmlover wrote:
Being one from that generation, but too young to attend the real thing, I loved the movie. However, I would have loved to and hoped to HEAR the music, instead the soundtrack was barely audible. We strained to hear the songs that were playing. Loved the brownie and acid scenes. We'll see it again, soon!
Posted: 12:21pm | 8/27/2009

n2rockk wrote:
I liked the movie, but expected to see scenes from the actual event. For some reason the movie seemed alot longer than it was. I wish I could have attended Woodstock. What memories the people that attended must have. Thanks Campus Circle for another great screening.
Posted: 10:39am | 8/27/2009

Ryan1981 wrote:
The movie was great. While the story was lacking and some parts of the movie was slow. I wanted to be there and it really captured the feeling of the Music Festival. I would have liked to have seen some of the acts that performed. But for what it was I really enjoyed what i saw. Acid Trip scene was awesome!
Posted: 10:15am | 8/27/2009

topazeyes wrote:
Hi there!Any passes for COUPLESRETREAT or TAKING WOODSTOCK? Please send me some passes to COUPLESRETREAT or TAKING WOODSTOCK movies in Orange County. I'm hoping...Here is to hoping! ;) Please send to:
Posted: 5:54am | 8/20/2009

eri006 wrote:
If you didnt catch the Doc. you should see this movie, I will for sure.
Posted: 7:28am | 8/19/2009

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