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The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

Campus Circle and Romantix invite you and a guest to an advance screening of The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard.

Tuesday, August 11 at 7:30 PM in Hollywood

Official Website
In Theaters August 14!

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Member Comments (12)   Post a Comment Comment wrote:
The movie was really funny. It did kinda get a little slow in the middle, but overall it was good.
Posted: 6:49pm | 8/13/2009

Joel Encarnacion wrote:
this movie sure wasn't up to par with Talladega Nights and Step Brothers. it has its laughs, but it would have fared better if this were a 2005 movie.
Posted: 4:06pm | 8/12/2009

twee2345 wrote:
The movie was hilarious.
Posted: 1:31pm | 8/12/2009

lovergirl24 wrote:
The Goods is hilarious, couldn't stop laughing. Thanks!
Posted: 12:56pm | 8/12/2009

gmangoman wrote:
i dont know what birmex was talking about... it was lackluster at best... nothing flowed and had a typical, 5th grade happy ending. not amused. & no special stars showed up as rumored by CC on twitter
Posted: 12:50pm | 8/12/2009

birmexdf wrote:
The movie was freakin hillarious all sales men should see it hahaha....-brian
Posted: 11:24am | 8/12/2009

TheJacen wrote:
Sean, Thanks for another great Show! The Goods was Super funny. You are definitely a hard worker! I am surprised you were able to stop working long enough to enjoy the show. Looking forward to future screenings. Jacen
Posted: 10:21pm | 8/11/2009

PoLLo wrote:
it's Open as of 4:12 pm... Got passes to this movie...!!!! Thanks Sean
Posted: 4:13pm | 8/11/2009

ADKmdk187 wrote:
Damn I always miss everything
Posted: 11:38am | 8/10/2009

Recklesskitten wrote:
Oh, No! I missed another rsvp for not being able to use the internet yesterday, I didn't even know Campus circle had put new screenings.
Posted: 1:33am | 8/7/2009

jumpman2429 wrote:
thanks for the passes to the movie cant wait to see it. looks like its gonna be a good one
Posted: 11:11am | 8/6/2009

salsakid wrote:
Hi there Sean and the C.C. STAFF.looks like this ones going to be funny flick please send me some passes thank you
Posted: 6:58am | 8/5/2009

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