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The Rite LA

Warner Bros. Pictures, Lucifer's Pizza and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for you and a guest to an advance screening of The Rite in L.A.:

Thursday, January 27 @ 8:30 PM

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Lucifer's Website
In Theaters January 28!

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Member Comments (7) wrote:
Okay, so first, I just want to thank you all for giving us the passes to go see movies (it is greatly appreciated) The movie...okay, when I tell you I'm not one for scary movies AT ALL, NOT AT I really really loved this movie (more so the message of the Even though I was scared throughout the entire movie, it was really GREAT...The message of the movie was dead on. It took me on a journey and I felt invested in the movie. Kudos to everyone who was apart of it...
Posted: 11:41am | 1/31/2011

kiza1010 wrote:
I like it a lot, it was very ENTERTAINING.
Posted: 1:23pm | 1/28/2011 wrote:
Great Movie, well executed. End part of the movie could have been little better. But overall : 3 Stars ***, Worth watching on big screen.
Posted: 12:31pm | 1/28/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote:
REMINDER: Tonight's scheduled time for the Los Angeles movie screening of 'The Rite' has been changed. Please note the new starting time -----> 8:30 p.m.
Posted: 10:14am | 1/27/2011

Traci Alvarez wrote:
I was just wondering about where and how much the parking is going to cost at the Century City screening?
Posted: 9:33pm | 1/25/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote:
The scheduled time for the Los Angeles movie screening of 'The Rite' on Thursday, January 27, has been changed. PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME: 8:30 P.M. Have fun and enjoy the film!
Posted: 12:50pm | 1/25/2011

jay232 wrote:
This movie seems that it is going to be interesting.
Posted: 8:48pm | 1/11/2011

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