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Tron: Legacy

Walt Disney Pictures and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of Tron: Legacy in Burbank:

Tuesday, December 14 @ 8:00 PM

Official Website
In Theaters December 17!

This RSVP is now closed.
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Member Comments (4)

TurboChick wrote:
Tron(L) = a fun ride! The 1st one def had more meat to the story but you should watch this, and you need to watch it in the movie theater...the 3D was SO COOL. lol, i love a free movie but i will def pay to watch it again.Thank you for the tix!
Posted: 2:24pm | 12/18/2010

Buildingsmiles wrote:
Tron was amsizing!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 10:57pm | 12/15/2010

yael-sara wrote:
Tron: Legacy was a great movie and also had a great score (especially the cameo appearance - well done). Will certainly pay to see the movie again, though agree with ClaudeG, next time will be without the 3D
Posted: 1:50pm | 12/15/2010

ClaudeG wrote:
IT was a fun movie just as I thought it would be! The special effects on Jeff Bridges were amazing, but I wasn't to impressed with the 3D... So for those of you that will pay to watch.. I wouldn't recommend coughing up the extra cash for 3D.
Posted: 1:29pm | 12/15/2010

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