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True Grit Hollywood

Paramount Pictures, Vidiots and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of True Grit in Hollywood:

Tuesday, December 14 @ 7:30 PM

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In Select Theaters December 22!

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zet wrote:
Jeff Bridges, for sure a good actor, nice cast but not sure about Matt Damon , didn't seem to fit well.... Thanks CC-ircle!
Posted: 7:49pm | 12/16/2010

starshadow wrote:
I wasn't fond of watching Western spaghetti movies back then, including the original. OK! So the Coen bros. followed the book instead of the John Wayne classic. The cast had very good chemistry & smart dialogue indeed although the sweet revenge film was a little bit dragging & ramming down my mouth as dry as an LA reservoir. GRADE: B
Posted: 12:46pm | 12/16/2010

markeels wrote:
Good quality from the Cohen Brothers as always. But giving the fact that it was a remake, I felt it wasn't revolutionary from the original. Funnier for sure.
Posted: 10:33pm | 12/15/2010

john wrote:
john jerez most remakes do suck but not all this one might be another exception. While I personally did like the 1969 True Grit, I think Jeff Bridges is a better actor than John Wayne song God's Gonna Cut You Down - ? Johnny Cash was really good that? girl actor gana be nomintated for oscar Coen Bros, true filmakers. They never? disappoint.
Posted: 4:29pm | 12/15/2010

Kaos wrote:
A little slow as suli80 said but it was a good movie,very entertaining....nice mix of comedy and action. (notice i put comedy first)
Posted: 4:28pm | 12/15/2010

docres wrote:
Great classic Western. Jeff Bridges was great- as was the girl. Ending sorta fizzled though.
Posted: 4:26pm | 12/15/2010

lemusc wrote:
I love this movie! I grew up watching the original and I still really enjoy it. But I remember thinking how cleaned up the brutality was in it so I was really curious to see how the Coen Brothers would redo it. They paid homage to the original but were able to add their own creative twist to it. I liked how the ending differed from the John Wayne version too. I’m going to read the book now! I highly recommend the film!
Posted: 3:50pm | 12/15/2010

Kyle wrote:
I have seen the original one and I felt this new one was short than the original one. But the new one was a good and entertaining! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for the tickets! Coen Brothers did a great job of this movie.
Posted: 1:58pm | 12/15/2010

jules wrote:
True Grit...once again the Coen Brothers did not disappoint! Excellent film, great dialogue, great cast. One of the better movies I saw this year...Thank you for the tickets! The venue was great...overall a fantastic experience. Go see this movie!!!
Posted: 1:34pm | 12/15/2010

Posted: 1:29pm | 12/15/2010

reuben.cano wrote:
This was a good movie! Its nice to see a western movie now and then!!
Posted: 1:11pm | 12/15/2010

suli80 wrote:
Movie was slower then i thought, and had way less action. Even then, it was a good movie. I think all 3 main actors/actress did a really good job n it seemed like they had good chemistry.
Posted: 1:04pm | 12/15/2010

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