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Unknown LA

Warner Bros. Pictures and Campus Circle invite you to enter to win tickets for you and a guest to an advance screening of Unknown in L.A.:

Wednesday, February 16 @ 9:00 PM

Official Website
In Theaters February 18!

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The Blind Side
The Blind Side wrote:
I liked it. Very intense. Thank you.
Posted: 9:09pm | 2/17/2011

The Blind Side
The Blind Side wrote:
I liked it. Very intense. Thank you.
Posted: 9:09pm | 2/17/2011

RyanRyan wrote:
Taken was infinitely better. When Liam gets in the hands of someone like Luc Besson , then they are an unstoppable cinematic force, unparrallelled in modern times, in the Gospels, but Unknown was lame.
Posted: 7:40pm | 2/17/2011

CycleRic wrote:
The movie was as equally intense as most of Liam's movies. It was an interesting plot twist and a job well done to keep the movie from being too similar to Taken. Great movie and good crowd last night. Very grateful for the screening opportunity.
Posted: 3:30pm | 2/17/2011

movies2012 wrote:
thank you for the tickets. the movie was great. It kept you in suspense until the end.
Posted: 1:40pm | 2/17/2011

Angela wrote:
at first, i thought it is a si-fi movie, then i realize all events are Conspiracy??? it's a good movie! thank you campuscircle!
Posted: 1:04pm | 2/17/2011

MidnightLady wrote:
"Unknown" was a suspense thriller that kept me at the edge of my seat. A surprising twist at the end made the movie more interesting. I could do with less car chases, but that's because I'm squeamish. Overall a good action movie.
Posted: 12:55pm | 2/17/2011

kishore karri wrote:
nice Movie. Interesting Plot.Thanks A lot
Posted: 12:54pm | 2/17/2011

pcaceres82 wrote:
The movie was pretty cool. I was surprised the way the movie unraveled. Alot of shaky camera though.
Posted: 12:53pm | 2/17/2011

MrTiep wrote:
GREAT movie, when i first saw the trailer i thought it was a sequel to Taken, which was another great movie by Liam Neeson. Well this movie is even BETTER than Taken so that says alot! GO SEE IT!!
Posted: 12:53pm | 2/17/2011

Campus Circle
Campus Circle wrote:
The actual start time for the Unknown screening in LA is 9:00 PM, not 9:30.
Posted: 4:51pm | 2/15/2011

Balloonlady wrote:
Just checking; Is 9:30pm the correct start time for Unknown??
Posted: 12:30am | 2/15/2011 wrote:
thank you for the tickets! so excited for this movie!
Posted: 9:40am | 2/12/2011

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