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Year One

Columbia Pictures and Campus Circle invite you enter to win tickets for 2 to an advance screening of Year One.

Wednesday, June 17 @ 7:30 PM in L.A.
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In Theaters June 19!

This RSVP is now closed.
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Vader24 wrote:
Apatow brings it again. Even though many of the same actors are recycled through and through in many of his films this one was kept fresh funny and outrageous. I guess it's not the freshness but the chemistry between the actors and the ability to make it seem unrehearsed and naturally funny. Jack Black and Michael Cera kept themselves true to their characters as expected but the mischief and adventure they get thrown in makes it a trip to remember and many laughs along the way. I give it 4 stars.It will definatley tickle that funny bone of yours.
Posted: 10:52am | 6/18/2009

sunsetss wrote:
The film Year One was a lot of silly fun. I love that suspension of disbelief allows you to have fun with this story and not try and mark the obvious historical inaccuracies. It was fun how they put our modern thoughts and questions about life (eg, Does God exist and if so is God a he or she?) into what essentially is a silly movie. Lots of laughs from Jack Black and Michael Cera. I think Michael Cera runs the risk however of being typecast as the "nerdy guy" But then that worked for Woody Allen.
Posted: 9:23am | 6/18/2009

sunflower wrote:
this sucks I reallly wanted tix maybe next time :(
Posted: 6:27am | 6/16/2009

YEAR ONE in the OC!!!!! :)
Posted: 1:18am | 6/16/2009

Recklesskitten wrote:
No, I have not received tix either, so maybe I did not win tickets.
Posted: 12:53am | 6/16/2009

sunflower wrote:
has anyone gotten their tix to this movie yet???? I really hope I get them! I want to go for my birthday!!!
Posted: 6:37pm | 6/15/2009

Posted: 12:24pm | 6/15/2009

Sean, YEAR ONE in the OC please!!!!
Posted: 8:30am | 6/11/2009

sunflower wrote:
i really hope I get tix!!! It would be a great way to start celebrating my birthday!!!!! Previews look great!
Posted: 7:19pm | 6/10/2009

Cheryla541 wrote:
Awesome movie!
Posted: 12:12pm | 6/10/2009 wrote:
Hey everyone, I've been out of the loop for a couple of days. We launched the Year One screening page so enter to win tickets to the screening. On a side note, I went hiking in Eaton Canyon on Sunday in Pasadena. It is an amazing place. There are streams, waterfalls, wildlife and pretty flat trails. It's beautiful. Check it out at
Posted: 2:38pm | 6/9/2009

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