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Join the new Campus Circle Facebook Fan page and you'll automatically be entered to win an iPhone!

Click Here to Join Now and Enter the Sweepstakes

As soon as we reach 5,000 fans, we'll pick a winner.

This Sweepstakes is now closed.
Sweepstakes ends on 3/21/2011. All fields are required!  One entry per person.
Duplicates will be disqualified. Open to US Residents and Territories only.
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TheCampusCircle wrote:
We are almost there!!!!!!! We are less than 100 fans away from reaching 5,000 on Facebook and give away the iPhone to one lucky person. Don't forget to hit "LIKE" on our page for your chance to win! Here is the link:
Posted: 2:42pm | 3/5/2011

griffin72 wrote:
97 to go!!
Posted: 2:30pm | 3/5/2011

griffin72 wrote:
I can only wish to win!
Posted: 2:28pm | 3/5/2011

connie danielson wrote:
i love to be added .connie danielson
Posted: 8:44am | 2/24/2011

connie danielson wrote:
i love to be added .connie danielson
Posted: 8:44am | 2/24/2011

glenzilla wrote:
thank you!
Posted: 3:07pm | 2/10/2011

TheCampusCircle wrote:
Azur, Just make sure you are a fan of our Facebook fan page and that will automatically enter you for the contest, thus officially letting you be in. -CC
Posted: 4:35pm | 1/25/2011

azur wrote:
Don't know if I am in or out. I went to FB but saw other things
Posted: 1:59pm | 1/25/2011

earthangel22 wrote:
Could really use one of these ;)
Posted: 10:56pm | 12/14/2010

Deb wrote:
i just love being a on a great site like this
Posted: 10:50pm | 12/11/2010

HelloChris wrote:
GREAT Prize! Good Luck Everyone.
Posted: 2:12pm | 10/2/2010

helobuff wrote:
This would be great! My old phone was stolen at Marshalls
Posted: 1:55am | 10/2/2010

roynmimi wrote:
If I won the Iphone I could surf Campus Circle Facebook Fan page and be in touch when I'm on the road or at school. So make me a WINNER!!!
Posted: 9:03am | 8/16/2010 wrote:
nice item to win
Posted: 9:54am | 5/15/2010

Lyndatc wrote:
Hey all, the count as of right now is 2,962 fans. That's way more than halfway! invite your friends to fan us so we can give it out sooner. Seriously...the phone is just staring at me.
Posted: 10:49pm | 4/7/2010

susie1 wrote:
I signed up! Luv to win it! :) Many thx.
Posted: 10:20am | 3/20/2010 wrote:
Hey everyone, we moved our facebook page from a friend page to a fan page. As a promotion to get you to more along with us (or join us) we are going to give away an iphone once we hit 5,000 fans. Get on board at
Posted: 12:51pm | 2/13/2010

whitbord wrote:
I can do this!
Posted: 10:29am | 2/13/2010

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