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Star Trek

Campus Circle and Samy's Camera invite you to enter to win:

Star Trek prize pack including a $100 gift certificate to Samy's Camera.

Star Trek Website
Samy's Camera Website
In Theaters May 8!

This Sweepstakes is now closed.
Sweepstakes ends on 5/29/2009. All fields are required!  One entry per person.
Duplicates will be disqualified. Open to residents of Southern California only.
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Member Comments (7)

Michael Dorsey wrote:
the movie was soooo sweeet!
Posted: 8:45am | 5/8/2009

majorjma wrote:
Great movie. Highly recommend that you go and see it when it opens. We saw it in the IMAX Theatre - definitely the way to see it. Thanks for selecting us Campus Circle. Keep up the great work.
Posted: 7:05pm | 5/7/2009

justiceleague wrote:
This was a really good film. Glad to see they pulled oyt off.
Posted: 6:36pm | 5/7/2009 wrote:
it was awesome
Posted: 4:45pm | 5/7/2009

Ruben Medina wrote:
The movie was excellent!! Watching it in IMAX was even better!! Thanks for the opportunity to attend!!
Posted: 3:16pm | 5/7/2009

cherry wrote:
I loved the movie. It was a great reworking of the Star Trek Mythology. I loved the random sci fi actor cameos (such fun!), adored the plot twists, the trueness to the classic show but with a modern retelling made it fresh. Don't get me started on the great design of the ships! yahoo so good I'm going to see it again on Saturday!!!
Posted: 3:07pm | 5/7/2009

rholst26 wrote:
Thank You For the Chance to win this .
Posted: 7:16am | 4/29/2009

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