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To celebrate the release of the new web comedy POOR PAUL, EYE SCREAM FILMS, KOLDCAST TV and CAMPUS CIRCLE invite you to enter to win the following prizes:

  • Grand Prize: An Poor Paul/KoldCast TV-branded HOOKAH, FREE MUNCHIES for a Week, a Poor Paul T-SHIRTand other Poor Paul Stuff.
  • 2nd Prize: A Poor Paul T-SHIRT and other Poor Paul Stuff.
  • 3rd Prize: Our hearty thanks for watching and maybe some Poor Paul Stuff if you're nice.

New Episodes
Every Tues!


Justin (Kevin G. Schmidt) is annoyingly smart. Clyde (Nicholas Braun) is a neat freak who gets all the chicks. And Paul (Zack Bennett) is a funny but kind of unlucky dreamer who creates outrageous fantasies in order to escape life.
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