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Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Happy Drinko de Mayo everybody!
Posted: 9:27am | 5/5/2011

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
@LAafterMidnight: totally inappropriate! You're not entitled to anything in this life but an exit from it, as are we all. So you didn't get tix 2 Thor? Be thankful you even had the chance of getting free tix! Or would you rather be living some hardscrabble existence in the 3rd world where such flights of fancy as comic books, let alone a movie based on one, is such a luxury as to be unheard of? Get real! CC: sorry to have missed out on Something Borrowed, but I couldn't get out of work due to sick coworkers [off playing hooky! ;) ] Thanks for the pass I didn't get to use - someone else undoubtedly got to see it because I wasn't ahead of them in line. :D
Posted: 9:26am | 5/5/2011

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey, CC, thanks for the passes to Hanna! Great suspense flick, excellent pacing, acting, a few weak spots [my biggest complaint being the titling, of all things!] but thoroughly enjoyable. Quite an interesting twist on a spy thriller. Worth seeing on the big screen!
Posted: 12:24pm | 4/8/2011

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks CC for the passes to see _Arthur_! I have to admit, having seen the original & not being a fan of Russel Brand I was expecting to find it less than satisfying, & am pleased to say my expectations were dashed! Truly a worthy remake [not often I can say that!] and I now have new found respect for Russel Brand [altho' I still hope Katy Perry comes to her senses & realizes *I'm* the love of her life! ;) ]
Posted: 10:05am | 4/7/2011

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for SuckerPunch, CC! This movie is going to be HUGE in Japan, once they dig themselves out from the earthquake wreckage. Like Trekker62 said (& how I described it to a friend at midnite on the drive home) it was visually stunning, but short on story. Excellent performances from all players, but devoid of substance. As I correctly surmised from the trailers, S-P's target market is the 13 y.o. boy in all of us...
Posted: 11:06am | 3/25/2011

Bender wrote about the I Am Number Four OC Film Screening:
Good fun! It was neat seeing Kevin Durand [the actor who played Joshua on Dark Angel] playing one of the aliens! Looking forward to the sequel [someone near me in the theatre commented they used their smartphone to discover that "The Power of Six" is apparently the title of the sequel, already in production. yay!]
Posted: 4:18pm | 2/19/2011

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Woohoo! A movie screening in south county: thank you CC! Orange Co. luvs ya!
Posted: 6:23pm | 2/3/2011

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Just wanted to say "Thanks!" for the _She's Out Of My League_ preview, Sean! Very enjoyable, great date movie. The gf couldn't make it, so I'm looking forward seeing it again w/ her in tow. More screenings in south O.C. pretty please!
Posted: 11:03am | 3/10/2010

Bender wrote about the She's Out of My League Orange Film Screening:
Score! My boss just approved my request for time off to get to the screening. :)
Posted: 5:24pm | 3/5/2010

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Surprised that even tho' I had to be one of the early responders to the screening passes*, I still haven't rec'd. any. It's clear that others did, so I guess I'm S.O.L. Usually, I miss out because I forget to check for the screenings until after the window has closed. ;) Still going to go see it tho'; I don't think my gf will let me off the hook on that after I already told her that I'd gotten thru on the screening offer! * - (request fields still open several hours later.)
Posted: 1:31pm | 2/9/2010

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
Just wanted to say that my gf & I enjoyed _When In Rome_ very much last night! Her exact words at the end were, "we have to get this when it comes out on DVD..." Thanks for the tix!
Posted: 2:30pm | 1/28/2010

Bender wrote about the Public Enemies OC Film Screening:
Sometime after seeing Benny & Joon, I realized that Johnny Depp had too much integrity to work in something that wasn't worth his time: basically, anything he is in is worth seeing, if only to see him raise utterly unworthy cr@p [like "Hidden Window"] up to the level of "that wasn't half bad..." Sometimes he takes a part because it's a good story, sometimes he takes a part to show just how d@mn good he is! Rent "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" to see him working opposite a quite young but already showing his promising future "Leonard" DiCaprio... that movie would be almost too tedious for words, if not for the acting tour de force displayed by both of them!
Posted: 9:41pm | 6/5/2009

Bender wrote about Film Screenings:
C'mon, we need more OC screenings! Orange is bad enough; I wish you'd go back to having screenings at the Irvine Spectrum, but I'll take what I can get (to)! ;)
Posted: 2:25pm | 4/23/2009