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PoLLo wrote about the The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard Film Screening:
it's Open as of 4:12 pm... Got passes to this movie...!!!! Thanks Sean
Posted: 4:13pm | 8/11/2009

PoLLo wrote about Film Screenings:
I agree, It will be nice to know whether you won or didn't win. Sometimes I'm waiting to see if I get passes and at the last minute I get them as a result I'm unable to go due to plans, there goes a perfect free movie ticket and it could have been given to someone else.
Posted: 4:11pm | 8/11/2009

PoLLo wrote about Film Screenings:
mmm... no I don't think so CaptainCharisma....
Posted: 4:41pm | 7/16/2009

PoLLo wrote about Film Screenings:
See.... Got tix for The Ugly Truth. Just make sure you check the site daily to get tix. It's better for the Website since it gets more hits by me coming here on a daily basis instead once or twice a weekly. I get to see the ads on the right hand side on a daily basis!!!! Better for Marketing! Although the "GOT ACNE" ad creeps me out! :) Thanks Sean.
Posted: 12:40pm | 7/16/2009

PoLLo wrote about Film Screenings:
We aren't complaining that Sean isn't doing a good job. OF COURSE HE IS AND ALWAYS has done a great job setting up screenings. I'm just saying the old system was much better than this lottery winning stuff. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD SYSTEM LIKE THE OLD DAYS....
Posted: 1:08pm | 7/15/2009

PoLLo wrote about Film Screenings:
1st come 1st serve was much better. The old system was much better, one could plan accordingly and knew almost immediately whether one got tix or not... I don't even sign up for screening here any more. Use GoFobo or Filmetro boooooooooo
Posted: 1:15pm | 7/13/2009

PoLLo wrote about the Star Trek Film Screening:
When will Star Trek winners be notified? Thank You :)
Posted: 7:58am | 4/30/2009