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LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
The single file line dissolved into a swarm & groups of people ran around security, headed into the theater without even being checked, and people that were far behind us were all of a sudden in the front. Needless to say I went from being the 3rd person in line & when I finally entered the theater it was over 50% full due to line cutting groups! Something needs to be done otherwise there is going to be physical altercations when someone gets beat down for not following proper protocols.
Posted: 9:20am | 4/26/2012

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
I was at The Avengers in Irvine, didn't win from Campus Circle but a friend got tickets through another sponsor. I was 2nd in line at noon, the guys in front arrived at 11am. The line was unorganized & got worse when they moved us inside due to rain. They put us in a hallway on the opposite side of the building from where our theater was. Throughout the night groups started forming outside the line, hiding around the theater lobby and in the hallways. When they led the procession of the line to our theater all chaos broke loose as soon as we got to the security check.
Posted: 9:20am | 4/26/2012

LOLGuy wrote about Blogs: Top 10 Most Anticipated Films Of 2011:
I agree with you on all of the movies that you listed, but I am perplexed that out of the many (good or bad) comic book adaptations coming out in 2011 you didn't include a single one. Is it just not your favorite type of genre or were you going for more original ideas in your list?
Posted: 11:03am | 12/30/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Sean and Campus Circle for the "Its Kind of a Funny Story" tickets for Weds!
Posted: 2:16pm | 10/4/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the Tickets to the Town Sean and Campus Circle, you guys rock!
Posted: 10:09am | 9/14/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film: Charlie St. Cloud:
Great interview, its soo funny I saw this film yesterday and wrote a little review of it today and I mentioned alot of the same aspects as you did ie: the relationship from his own brother Dylan that he used in the movie to make the bond with his onscreen brother, him wanting to break away from the musical movies and expand his acting horizons. One thing that you didnt mention is that he turned down the lead role in "Footloose" to do Charlie St. Cloud, and also another interesting aspect is that he discovered the script and brought it to Burr's attention. Great story and very well written!
Posted: 9:31pm | 7/31/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Campus Circle for the last min tixs to tonights the Sorcerers Apprentice Screening in the OC. Really excited for this one, so is my dad! So thanks Sean!
Posted: 1:13pm | 7/12/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film: Jonah Hex:
I love how this article is about the facts of the movie and quotes from the cast but no opinion of the movie itself. Juust so I wont be mean I;ll just say a few things: the movie is only 82 mins long, therefore has no time for proper story-telling , character development and such. On the positive side its alot of good action scenes and explosions, but without a solid storyline all of that really didnt matter.
Posted: 12:12pm | 6/25/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Forums: What is the best film you have seen this summer?:
Get Him to the Greek was hysterical and I thought both of the girls in The Runaways did amazing. I also thought that IRONMAN 2, althouggh it lacked some storyline, the addition of new characters and the special effects in IMAX looked great.
Posted: 10:28pm | 6/16/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Saw "Get Him To The Greek" tonight, it was pretty funny, thanks again Sean and everyone at Campus Circle!
Posted: 10:25pm | 6/3/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Typo in last comment "The secrete to success isn't making tickets, its networking"....
Posted: 1:41pm | 4/26/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
At Maceo D KAt, what do you mean ethically you shouldnt be ablew to go to every movie screening? The secrete to success is making tickets, its called networking. If you make friends then when a screening opens up you text or e-mail them. Thats the secrete and all of times i have friends who win when i dont, Im their guest cause by far I don't win everytime and as far as gofobo Ive been using them for years and they send me the private rsvp codes most of the time. So there isnt anything scandelous going on, you just gotta have a system. And for me and my screening companions the system works for us. So no need to be jealous or angry people, just get your own system in play.
Posted: 1:37pm | 4/26/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
HA HA HA at RickyO. Thanks for proving my point about the childness and insecurities about people who come on here and complain and make stuff up. Its really easy to talk trash and make false accusations against some1 whenur sitting at home hiding behind a profile with no picture, grow up and if your so unsatisfied with how things are run then then stay at home with your computer, cause its probably the only thing that loves you
Posted: 2:29pm | 4/25/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks Campus Circle for another great screening. Enjoy seeing The Losers last night in Orange, I like to come on here and show my appreciation unlike other who come on just to complain and whine over every little thing! Thanks again!
Posted: 7:56pm | 4/22/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the chance for The Losers tixs in OC, cant wait to se it!
Posted: 1:07pm | 4/14/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film: USC Trojan Marching Band Plays with "Glee":
I cant wait to see how all of this hard work pays off on the show GLEE, its my favorite show right now with The Biggest Loser, but just a small correction, thiis isnt the second season of GLEE premiering this Tuesday April 13th, it is actually the second half (or back 9) of the 1st season! Thanks for the article
Posted: 6:56pm | 4/10/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
@Neck Brace Girl , lol at your name!
Posted: 10:42am | 3/30/2010

LOLGuy wrote about the Clash of the Titans OC Film Screening:
i hope so too, just waiting around by the computer to see if i got tixs
Posted: 2:37pm | 3/29/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Hey Sean, I was just wondering if the winners of the Clash of Titans OC screening have been notified yet? I have a friend that said her bf got the ticket, but i asked all of my other screening friends and no1 else has gotten anything. Just curious, i was thinking maybe he was mistaken....
Posted: 2:31pm | 3/29/2010

LOLGuy wrote about Film Screenings:
Zydrate That is awesome man! So a few questions: First of all are you a fan of Phillip DeFranco from YouTube? Cause he was there and gave out wristbands to see "the clip from the movie", and second of all was the movie in 3D for you guys? I bought my tix for Imax 3D opening night at the Irvine Spectrum almostr a month ago and have been dying to go see it!
Posted: 3:42pm | 2/20/2010

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