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starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Give a try on "The Sessions," a funny & therapeutic film which I saw almost 3 weeks ago in Sherman Oaks. I think either John Hawkes, Helen Hunt or William H. Macy should be nominated for an Oscar.
Posted: 1:52pm | 10/13/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Score Ben Affleck's directorship with the highly anticipated "Argo" shown on 10/4/12 at the AMPAS in Beverly Hills. The film with Oscar material written all over it just like he did in "The Town" was well-executed with daring, tense scenes that kept me on my seat from start to finish.
Posted: 1:57pm | 10/5/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
"Here Comes the Boom" is "Warrior" meeting "Mr. Holland's Opus" in the almost parodic sense which I loved & saw last 9/22/12 in Sta. Monica. The material was consistent & perfectly executed with all the laughs at certain scenes. That should raise James' profile for adults away from the family-oriented hit, "Mall Cop."
Posted: 12:07pm | 9/28/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
!. That "Resident Evil" sequel reminded me of the hit franchise arcade game "House of the Dead." Just what this movie is: a video game coming to life with all the visual effects & action sequences. 2. I've never heard of "The Inbetweeners Movie" even as a series on the BBC. The sex comedy movies in the U.S. are much better than this very formal British attention-grabber despite that I stayed for the Q & A portion with the stars & the director. 3. "Pitch Perfect" is "Glee" gone a capella. It's delightful, but with some parts low on the bass although I laughed at Rebel Wilson's & Hana Mae Lee's characters.
Posted: 12:18pm | 9/16/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
"That's My Boy" was even funnier than the rather off-key "Jack & Jill" despite the raunchy humor & an all-star cast. I wish that Sandler come up with different comic skills besides the noted babyish voice.
Posted: 11:12am | 6/6/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Why does it become impossible to get a movie thru Gofobo? I went to its website on my situation & complained to the support team in the weekend. I don't really understand why I didn't receive a pass for "The Avengers" on CC when a friend of mine e-mailed me to sign up immediately with that film which pop up in the screening section. I also tried the same with the other locations in LA & Orange counties as well with no answer. He even sent me online on "Dark Shadows" with the same result. What total nonsense! I kept on wondering about surrendering myself by paying to watch as a regular customer at any theater, quitting altogether due to this terrible & insulting issue or perhaps waiting for video.
Posted: 2:52pm | 4/30/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
I'm surprised that "The Road," which was shown in Philippine theaters on 11/30/11 when I had my X'mas vacation for the first time in almost 20 yrs., would arrive here very lately.
Posted: 11:50am | 4/27/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
I saw "Wanderlust" last year as a work in progress. Yes, indeed it's very funny, especially with the Rudd-Aniston chemistry match. I don't agree very much with the critics though, the cause of low box-office sales. I never knew Aniston would come out semi-nude in one scene with "Horrible Bosses" as a warm-up for things to expect. A-
Posted: 10:47am | 3/1/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Normally, I didn't feel excited when I watch Aussie films because of the boring chitchat & weak plots. But with the exception of "Tomorrow When the War Began" (unusual given that the verb in the title is in the past tense happening in the future!), it left me quite curious as to the invaders' identity or purpose of attacking the homeland secretly. At least they're Asian by appearance, but it's hard to tell the country they came from based on the accent. I wondered about the film's genre (looking like sci-fi in the first place). Its beginning appeared slow with the lines too personal until the assault enters the picture. The ending allowed the viewers to guess. GRADE: B-
Posted: 11:45pm | 2/24/2012

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Sandler's Jill character becomes annoying in the beginning, leaves me a glum face & threatens the actor's comic chops until Pacino steps in for the first time under a whole new light out of the dramatic films he usually specializes in. I finally enjoyed in the second half of "Jack & Jill" with the legendary star's presence.
Posted: 12:21pm | 11/9/2011

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
At first I thought that "Dolphin Tale" is a kid's movie as usual, but it was a delightful, well-balanced family movie since the other stars contributed character development to the drama as well, thanks in part to the promo credit phrase: "from the studio & producers of 'The Blind Side.'" Go see this climactic film!
Posted: 4:57pm | 9/14/2011

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
"The Debt" is a wonderful, intriguing spy thriller that keeps me on the seat from the start. Hats off to Mirren for her performance!
Posted: 4:55pm | 9/6/2011

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Zoe Saldana's title character is a cross between Jason Bourne & Lara Croft. It was enjoyable for me to watch. Thanks!
Posted: 5:52am | 8/30/2011

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
No matter how the critics may have lambasted it, "Priest" carries a wing & a prayer despite a short 1-1/3 hrs., reminding me of the "Resident Evil" franchise which I was curious to find out. I agree with barry1817 that the 3D format isn't necessary since I noticed there were a few scenes during which I removed the glasses, especially the closeups on characters' faces. The time limit may prompt the studio to consider placing the movie back to the 2D standard, allowing the viewer to spend less money. GRADE: B
Posted: 4:10am | 5/14/2011

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
"Hanna" was close to an indie sandwich between "Run, Lola, Run" & "The Bourne Trilogy," but I had shown the grim interest in the story which falls flat throughout the film with a salty character development despite a clever concept & a gifted cast that can't offset the movie's subtlety & restraint. The fight choreography was highly skilled though. Blanchett's performance as a ruthless CIA agent was unique. I didn't hear a slight applause from the audience at the end.
Posted: 2:46am | 4/9/2011

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Despite that there's no applause from the audience in Century City, I like "Unknown" because of the suspense involved in the story. I don't agree of the review on LA Weekly that Neeson is following Nicolas Cage's footsteps since he transforms himself from an award-winning actor to an ass-kicker. The Scottish star runs a smooth performance as compared to that of the late Charles Bronson & as well as the characters in a common plot leaving me interested throughout the film. On the other hand, Cage conforms himself with the likes of Stallone & Statham with raw macho outlandishness in ridding of bad guys. GRADE: B
Posted: 3:32pm | 2/17/2011

starshadow wrote about the True Grit Hollywood Film Screening:
I wasn't fond of watching Western spaghetti movies back then, including the original. OK! So the Coen bros. followed the book instead of the John Wayne classic. The cast had very good chemistry & smart dialogue indeed although the sweet revenge film was a little bit dragging & ramming down my mouth as dry as an LA reservoir. GRADE: B
Posted: 12:46pm | 12/16/2010

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for allowing me to watch "Yogi Bear" downtown on 12/13/10 away from the coordinating mayhem in Westwood last Sat. with the presence of those schoolkids in one theatre without my knowledge when the venue was moved from the Chinese Theatre. Now, I've yet to get a response for "Tron: Legacy."
Posted: 12:06pm | 12/14/2010

starshadow wrote about Sweepstakes:
I would like to get my hands on "Inception," a great, unique & conceptual film.
Posted: 7:52am | 11/29/2010

starshadow wrote about Film Screenings:
I saw "Country Strong" last Sept. 14 in Orange, CA. Compared to the other Western music-inspired movies, Paltrow gave a rousing performance as a country singer coming from rehab. But I'm not sure whether the film will show legs to the Oscars since the scenes showing on & off stage were too routine. As for "How Do You Know?," which I watched last month at Sony Studios, I would be amused had it not been for the constant use of cell phones IN THE MOVIE. No, I'm not talking about one at a theater near you. The comedy is great though.
Posted: 8:03pm | 11/28/2010

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