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sunsetss wrote about the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Film Screening:
Bummed I didn't get tickets for Transformers. I guess it is who you know.
Posted: 3:23pm | 6/23/2009

sunsetss wrote about the Year One Film Screening:
The film Year One was a lot of silly fun. I love that suspension of disbelief allows you to have fun with this story and not try and mark the obvious historical inaccuracies. It was fun how they put our modern thoughts and questions about life (eg, Does God exist and if so is God a he or she?) into what essentially is a silly movie. Lots of laughs from Jack Black and Michael Cera. I think Michael Cera runs the risk however of being typecast as the "nerdy guy" But then that worked for Woody Allen.
Posted: 9:23am | 6/18/2009

sunsetss wrote about Film Screenings:
I went to the Irene in Time screeening on Monday night and I now can't get the song "Dancing with my Father" out of my head! I like to sing it to my friends just to annoy them. They really should think about playing the "Starbucks" song at Starbucks. The Q&A after the movie was really cool.
Posted: 9:12am | 6/17/2009

sunsetss wrote about Film Screenings:
In spite of the cutting in line drama I enjoyed Terminator last night. Lot's of action and well worth seeing in the theater even in IMAX because of all of the action sequences. Thanks to Sean and the Campus Circle team for making it happen.
Posted: 9:22am | 5/19/2009

sunsetss wrote about Film Screenings:
I couldn't wait to see this movie since I am a huge fan of the television show and the former movies - but I never expected to be as blown away as I was. It was such a well done movie from the performances to the cinematography. The essence of the characters were captured by all of the actors especially McCoy and Spock. To see a young Captain Kirk was so cool. Chris Pine did an excellent job of portraying the young cocky would be captain and the greatness that existed in him from the beginning. Even though I saw this at a free screening I am going back and paying to see it on Friday - I loved it that much!!!!
Posted: 4:00pm | 5/7/2009

sunsetss wrote about the Star Trek Film Screening:
The premiere is tonight at Graumans. Chris Pine is soooo fine!!!
Posted: 9:10am | 4/30/2009

sunsetss wrote about Film Screenings:
I went to the X-Men screening last night. My friend won passes. It was a night of 1000 stars. Hugh Jackman winked at me : ) I was in heaven. The movie was good with great fighting scenes but the higlight was definitely when Hugh Jackman winked at me and then addressed the crowd and thanked everyone for coming. He's a cutie!
Posted: 8:34am | 4/29/2009

sunsetss wrote about Film Screenings:
I had fun at the Obsessed screening. I took the movie for what it was - not a serious Oscar contender but just 90 minutes of silly fun. I think all the actors did a good job even if the story was a bit lacking. All in all it was still fun.
Posted: 4:04pm | 4/24/2009

sunsetss wrote about Film Screenings:
When you get a RSVP code and confirmation e-mail for a screening, does that code belong only to you or is that just the code for the screening?
Posted: 4:56pm | 4/15/2009