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thewronggirl wrote about the Country Strong Film Screening:
Thank you Campus Circle for a great movie. And what a nice surprise for Garrett and the director to show up and introduce the movie! The movie was not what I expected and I had such a good time. Definitely going to buy the soundtrack! I highly recommend this movie. :)
Posted: 2:14am | 12/18/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Sweepstakes:
I love Jane Lynch. She's my favorite thing about Glee, and I love her work in the LGBT community. Hope I win the tickets to see her at the wax museum.
Posted: 10:42pm | 8/2/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
I don't really complain here because I still arrive early enough to get in, but I can't say that it's not true that people don't hold the line for more than 20 people in the front. I don't know exactly who it is, so I won't point fingers. It's annoying, but if it's allowed then there's not much you can do about it. The screenings are free, and I've never been turned away so it doesn't really matter to me. However, lately I have been using other free screening sources because I've been a little put of by the lack of rules. I still appreciate Campus Circle and I think everyone fighting here just needs to relax and stop being so nasty to each other.
Posted: 3:00pm | 4/26/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
Had a great time at The Runaways premiere. Great movie, easy to get into tonight if you were there early enough. Thanks again Sean and Campus Circle. :)
Posted: 1:59am | 3/12/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
Thanks for the tickets to the Runaways. I'm excited, can't wait to go.
Posted: 7:02pm | 3/9/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
I don't get why people sign up and don't intend on using their passes. Someone else probably really wanted to go. I have tickets to the Runaways, but if I didnt, I'd be kind of annoyed.
Posted: 4:04pm | 3/9/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
Were the Legion tickets already given out? It still says you can enter but that winners would've been notified yesterday?
Posted: 12:29pm | 1/19/2010

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
Thank you so much for tickets to Up in the Air at LA Live on Thursday. The movie was fantastic with such a great cast. I was really surprised by the acting chops on Anna Kendrick, and George Clooney was great. I had a great time and everything went smoothly, had no trouble getting in or finding seats. Thanks!
Posted: 1:50am | 12/5/2009

thewronggirl wrote about Film Screenings:
hey Sean thanks for the tickets to the Whip It screening. I had so much fun and the movie was really good. Great cast, chemistry and overall a good time.
Posted: 10:52am | 9/30/2009

thewronggirl wrote about the Film Screening:
I'm excited for this movie! Looks awesome.
Posted: 11:39am | 9/16/2009

thewronggirl wrote about the Jennifer's Body Premiere Film Screening:
I'd love to win tickets to this premiere, but either way, thanks for the opportunities. This is the best place for them. You're all awesome!
Posted: 2:58pm | 9/10/2009